Friday, August 6, 2010

August~ the last month before the Ber Months

I’m predicting that this month I shall double my size. I started starving myself last year October by a bet with my friends that I’ll be treating them for lunch if they caught me eating rice. I won the bet and never get to treat them their fancy lunch.

This month August, yes! the month before the Ber month starts, I started eating like there’s no tomorrow. August 1 my agent treat me for a free lunch, I'll be stupid if I’ll be saying no, so I joined the wagon. After that free lunch my friend texted me asking what time she should pick me up because we had set a cooking spree for that day. When I got there my cousin texted me asking for my location because everyone’s at the house eating 3 kinds of pasta and pizza and I have to be there since its Sheila birthday (my cousin). I excused my self from the cooking spree and told them I’ll be back before 9pm . I was full and can’t move my ass when I got back at my friends house. When I got there we started eating again and after much discussion we decided to go to the wake of a friend’s father. And a few minutes after, my cousin texted me again saying that we will be going to wensha spa for an overnight pampering I was torn between the two groups, so I did my best to divide my time. My cousins will pick me up at St. Peter’s Chapel at 1 am so we can all go to the Spa and by the way Wensha offers eat all you can buffet so I was again shoving food inside my mouth, Shabu-shabu this time. Aside from eating too much my schedule was over loaded which I feel happy about since I love doing various activities.

Ok I also started this month by not sleeping at all august 1-2 I was awake for the entire 40 hours. Nyah what’s new?

Continuing my food journey this august, my brother who resides in Singapore will be here for a vacation and as usual when our family gets together we have a habit of indulging with food. We are a foody family, we enjoy food and conversation, and it’s one of the bonding moments that we will always share.

So August 3 before we pick up my brother at the airport my cousin Sheila and I had a Korean lunch at Chongkewang in Makati while waiting for the rest to pick us up. I had a Dolsot Bibimbap and Sheila had a fish cake plus the side dishes that goes with our meal. I was soooo full the restaurant offers big serving and the side dishes are awesome. At 3pm we hurried to the airport and when my brother arrived we decided to have dinner at YakiMix MOA the restaurant opens a 5:30 pm so I signed up and we are 3rd on the list … and I was doomed after. We left the resto at 8pm. I was really full but I can’t help but take a sampler of all the Sushi, Maki, Sashimi, it’s my weakness. We also grilled some shrimp, squids, salmon, and all possible beef and pork marinade. The dessert table is a fancy eye lure, I was smiling at the cup cakes and cakes and pastries and egg tart and ice ream with your choice of candy topping, I’m having hard time breathing just recalling how I devour all of those. Hay life is good when you enjoy the food and the people you eat with.

It’s my first week in August and while I’m writing this I’m waiting for the caterer to arrive here in the Office… yup another binge eating for me. Oh lord please give me the right amount of metabolism to burn all this before I turn myself into a pumpkin. Happy august everyone ^^

August 1st week in Action:

Mel's Lunch Treat at Kenny Rogers Glorrieta 3

Me and Christian
While Waiting for my Free Lunch~ FREE! ^^
Me, Christian and Grace

The rest of the Group from L-R Lei, Eunice, Mel, Me, Grace and Christian.

Wok with Tyan and Culinary Disaster with my evil sissy!

This is what we call "Chicken Salad de Santan Ala Concreto"
This is actually a joke to our friend since she loves doing food like a culinary expert so the 3 of us decided that we should have our own funny version. That's chicken salad topped with santan with tempura crackers, damo from Kevin's graden and the Tanzan and stone are courtesy of Jasper. I have a bunch of Luna Friends ^^

Me, Kaye and Belen (L-R) and our creation. Ok lah!

At Wensha Spa and Buffet

Want's some kungfu fighting?
After the massage
Out Shabu Shabu which is over flowing and can feed 10 people!
After eating

The rest of the Gang (L-R) Me, Nico, Ivee, Sheila, Lisette

ChongKeWang Korean Resto

My Awesomeness Side Dishes! Yummy!
Checking out their other side dishes and kimchi and pickled veggies

My Dolsot Bibimbap! I super love it!

YakiMix Moa With my Flintstones

Having Fun at V's New Mac while waiting for our reservation
(L-R) 1st row Auntie, My Momma, Wacky and Ivee. 2nd row Lisette, Moi, Renz and Sheila
My dessert Plate
My almost finish Sushi, Maki and sashimi
My empty dessert platter
Moi plate, Yanchow, Kani Tempura, Lechong Macau, Kani cake
The Dessert Bar "Object of my Affection"

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