Monday, June 21, 2010

Your 500 commento goes here!

My project 365 is running just fine and I’m pleased that I’m getting nice feedback from friends, not to mention all the push whenever I feel like giving up. I was flabbergasted when I saw more than 500 comments with just 70 pictures posted. Amazing right? I didn’t know that it will be a success, but that’s too early to say when I still have more than 200 days to go.

Keeping it interesting is a little bit hard. Of course I have to continually seek for something that will gain their attention, so in that case I have posted photos with family, friends and this was one particular picture who capture almost everyone attention and boom the project survive its first two months.

Anyways, here are the things that I might need for my 365 and the things that I want for this season.

  • Rubber boots
  • Beanie/ski cap the colorful ones
  • Trench coat (the real thing)
  • See thru umbrella
  • White boyfriend’s long sleeves
  • Cycler’s jeans
  • Ankle pants color mustard
  • Majorette/Marching band’s coats I don’t know how you call those jackets hahaha Beatles Jacket LOL
  • Classic motor bike helmet with eye mask

I wish to take picture in the following place:

  • Beach
  • Plane, Ship or Big Bike
  • Club (as in while clubbing)
  • New resto in manila
  • Some spots in valley view LOL
  • Some areas in the office
  • I hope to get a picture out of the country *wish*

I’m planning to do a little cosplay in the upcoming months but I’m still on the planning stage. Have all the days to do that with 295 left. But come what may, sometimes the most laziest shoot are the ones that are more interesting…I wonder why!?

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