Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's in my Playlist? ----errrr Silly Game

It's not something that I do everyday...I got curious after seeing this at facebook and the results are hilarious... you know it wouldn't hurt to laugh every once awhile...LOL

Enjoy life and let your happiness reflect in the things that you do!

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Have Fun!

Fake plastic tree- Radio head (oh man! that's way too epic!)

Sweet Sweet Baby- Michelle Feather Stone ( Like that huh)

Hear- Moonpools and Caterpillar ( of course some one who would listen...HEAR!)

Joga- Bjork (lol joga! Right!)

Sugod - Sandwich (Attack! Fight! Go! Woot! Woot!)

High and Dry _ Radio Head (tsk.....tsk...Right now I doubt if it's high and dry...more like wet and wild..errrr!)

Smile - Lilly Allen ( of course)

Sunburn Chilitees Remix- Sandwich (always heat! hooooo!)

Glory Box- Portishead (What's inside the Glory Box? errr...anyone?)

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Candy Everybody Wants - 10,000 Maniacs (hmmmm...2+2 = Candy? why not!)

Put your Records on- Corrine Bailey Rae ( yeah, put your records on!)

Hey Jack Kerouac -10,000 Maniacs ( hahahaha...can't explain! do some research and listen, then tell me what you think and I'll tell you what's in my mind...)

Paris- Yael Naim (Hilton? Douched bag)

Gold Rush Brides- 10,000 Maniacs ( a it?)

Fidelity - Regina Spektor ( Bingo!)

Insomnia - Cynthia Alexander ( maybe die of Insomnia...and the disease related to it...)

Here it Goes Again - OK GO ( love that song!)

Badfish - Sublime (Another bingo!)

We're Not Gonna Make it - Presidents of the United States of America ( huh?)

You've got to hide your love away - Beatles/Eddie Bedder version ( lolololololol! lmao hide my love away!)

Royal Oil - Mighty Mighty Bostones ( Royal Oil agree!)

Paper Scratchier - Blind Melon ( hahahaha...paper scratchier--- precisely non sense post but what the heck!)

Too bad some of the songs that I expect to come up did not play in random...Anyways, nice nice!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What kind of Personality do I have???

I got this from AlpHa Buttonpusher thanks for sharing!
My result is really on and maybe some of you will agree.

Your personality type:

Creative, resourceful and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues and may be into 'one-up-manship'. They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and are stimulating company. Excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.

Careers that could fit you include:

Entrepreneurs, lawyers, psychologists, photographers, consultants, sales representatives, actors, engineers, scientists, inventors, marketers, computer programmers, comedians, computer analysts, credit investigators, journalists, psychiatrists, public relations, designers, writers, artists, musicians, politicians.

How much do I want to Be around people? ~ Extroverted.
Yes I would love to be surrounded by beautiful people, of course.

How I process Information? ~ Sensing.
I would go with something that makes sense rather than guts.

How I Make decision? ~ Almost between thinking and feeling.
This is so true, I always weight not only my personal feelings but others too.

How I structure my life? ~ Just between Judging and perceiving.
No Comment! I'm very judgmental at first, though it always change.

Am I making sense?....hmmmmm...

Try the Quiz

Here Ye! Hear Ye! Errrrrrr...... Ye!?

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Mygoodriddance should not be responsible for any emotional outburst of any individual reading this blog, again let me reiterate: these are just products of creative nonsense fictional juice of the writer. In case of emergency just click the red box with X on the upper right side of your screen (just make sure to leave a comment before doing so).

Lastly: Paranoia kills the Cat....please don't let me kill you, my lovely creature!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bursting Angst

Have you ever hated someone so much that you wish that person would disappear from this life time?

Cruelty! yep you call me cruel when I think all that you have for me is fear…I will always carry the torch of your failure and it’s so sad that I’ll be around this life time.

I will always think of you as someone that I have trusted too much and betrayed me by stabbing my back, the dirt on my face far more filthy than those I see around walking with no life or a zombie…The leech that sucked all my blood and just when I realized had squeezed it to death bursting with my now rotten and spoiled juice. You who think is mightier than anyone else, I see you smile with that fake grin in your face, you and your lies a plastic fantastic diabolic life…

I'll tell you this, I'm not going to run after you, you stupid idiotic moron who has no back bone and cannot stand alone…I will never ask for your help since you can’t help your self either thus making my life burden full of miseries.. You who I wish to die of old age and not get any help until you rot and smell in your death bed. You who has no purpose in life but to lie down and wait for the stretch marks to fill your doomed belly!

You fucking DOG!

*eto yung sabi ko sa katabi kong matabang maarte na ayaw umayos ng upo sa FX…AMP!

Hahaha kala mo ikaw noh!? Paranoid! lolz

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Sacrament Of Waiting (by Fr. James Donelan, S.J.)

I received this in my e-mail today and I would like to share it with everyone. In one way or another this can help us understand whether on love, work, wishes and other stuffs.

Sometimes we rush on things and we forget the value of it is much clearer to me.

Here it goes:

The English poet John Milton wrote that those who serve also stand and wait. I think I would go further and say that those who wait render the highest form of service. Waiting requires more discipline, more self-control and emotional maturity, more unshakable faith in our cause, more unwavering hope in the future, more sustaining love in our hearts that all the greatest deeds of deering-do go by the name of action.

Waiting is a mystery - a natural sacrament of life - there is a meaning hidden in all the times we have to wait. It must be an important mystery because there is so much waiting in our lives.

Everyday is filled with those little moments of waiting (testing our patience and our nerves, schooling us in self-control.) We wait for meals to be served, for a letter to arrive, for a friend to call or show up for a date. We wait in line at cinemas and theaters, concerts and circuses. Our airline terminals, railway stations and bus depots are great temples of waiting filled with men and women who wait in joy for the arrival of a loved one - or wait in sadness to say goodbye and give the last wave of hand. We wait for springs to come - or autumn - for the rains to begin and stop.

And we wait for ourselves to grow from childhood to maturity. We wait for those inner voices that tell us when we are ready for the next stop.

We wait for graduation, for our first job, our first promotion. We wait for success and recognition. We wait to grow up - to reach the stage where we make our own decisions. We cannot remove this waiting from our lives. It is a part of the tapestry of living - the fabric in which the threads are woven to tell the story of our lives.

Yet current philosophies would have us forget the need to wait "grab all the gusto you can get." So reads one of America's greatest beer ads - get it now! Instant pleasure, instant transcendence. Do not wait for anything. Life is short - eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you will die.

And so they rationalize us into accepting unlicensed and irresponsible freedom - pre-marital sex and extra-marital affairs - they warn against attachments and commitments - against expecting anything of anybody, or allowing them to expect anything of us - against dropping any anchors in the currents of our life that will cause us to hold and wait.

This may be the correct prescription for pleasure - but even that is fleeting and doubtful - what was it Shakespeare said about the mad pursuit of pleasure - "Past reason hunted, and once had, past reason hated." Not if we wish to be real human beings, spirit as well as flesh, soul as well as heart, we have to learn to wait. For if we never learn to wait, we will never learn to love someone other than ourselves.

For most of all waiting means waiting for someone else. It is a mystery, brushing by our face everyday like a stray wind of leaf falling from a tree. Anyone who has loved knows how much waiting goes into it - how much waiting is important for love to grow, to flourish through a lifetime.

Why is this? Why can we not have it right now what we so desperately want and need? Why must we wait - two years, three years - and seemingly waste so much time? You might as well ask why a tree should take so long to bear fruit - the seed to flower - carbon to change to diamond.

There is no simple answer - no more than there is to life's other demands - having to say goodbye to someone you love because either you or they have made other commitments; or because they have to grow and find the meaning of their own lives - having yourself to leave home and loved ones to find your own path - goodbyes, like waiting, are also sacraments of our lives.

All we know is that growth - the budding, the flowering of love needs patient waiting. We have to give each other a time to grow. There is no way we can make someone else truly love us or we them, except through time.

So we give each other that mysterious gift of waiting - of being present without asking demands and rewards. There is nothing harder to do than this. It truly tests the depth and sincerity of our love. But there is life in the gift we give.

So lovers wait for each other - until they can see things the same way - or let each other freely see things in quite different ways. There are times when lovers hurt each other and cannot regain the balance of intimacy of the way they were. They have to wait - in silence - but still present to each other - until the pain subsides to an ache and then only a memory and the threads of the tapestry can be woven together again in a single love story.

What do we lose when we refuse to wait; when we try to find shortcuts through life -when we try to incubate love and rush blindly and foolishly into a commitment we are neither mature nor responsible enough to assume?

We lose the hope of truly loving or of being loved. Think of all the great love stories of history and literature - isn't it of their very essence that they are filled with this strange but common mystery - that waiting is part of the substance - the basic fabric against which the story of that true love is written.

How can we ever find either life or true love if we are too impatient to wait for it?

Waiting is a good thing only if something is worth waiting for.

How will you know if it's worth it? Gut feel.

What if you don't trust your gut? Pray. You will be enlightened. Trust me.

Is it wrong to expect while waiting? It's not wrong, but it will increase your chances of heartbreak and disappointment if things don't work out in the end.

Is it good to expect while waiting? It is better to HOPE.

What's the difference between hoping and expecting? HOPING means you're open to either side of the coin landing though you're more inclined to believe that things will turn out well. EXPECTING means you're thinking single-track...which won't do you much good at all.

What's the difference between waiting and expecting? EXPECTING is waiting for something TO DEFINITELY HAPPEN. WAITING is staying where you are, but not necessarily expecting something to happen definitely.

Do you need assurance from someone you're waiting for while you're waiting? Ideally, yes. But realistically, do you really want assurance from this person? It's so easy to just point at something and make that the reason why you're waiting ("Because she said..." "Because he told me that...").

With WAITING, all you really can rely on are 3 things: your gut feel, your heart and mind. Just YOURSELF, not anyone else.

So should you wait? What does your gut say? How does your heart feel? What does your mind think? If they're saying different things, keep asking yourself these 3 questions (and pray!) until you get a solid answer.

THEN you'll know if he or she is worth waiting for.

We all have our own burdens to carry, what worries me most would maybe easier for you, but whatever it is I hope we all learn the lessons of what life has to offer...May we all find the strength to wait and be patience because I know that in the end we will all find our own Peace & Happiness

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th of July with friends @ Amana Water Park

Last July 4 my friends and I were supposed to go to Anawangin, but due to the unpredictable July weather we dropped the plan. Instead my friend Vanity and I started searching for a resort near Manila and we came across a blog about the resort in off we go to Amana Water Park in Pandi Bulacan.
What's in Amana?
It has the Biggest wave pool in the Philippines 3500 sqm Wave pool, 500 sqm kiddie pool, life size character like the Dragon Ball Z character, Justice League, Hollywood Actors and Actress, Sports Icon, Movie Characters and etc. The Place is really big they have lots of Cottages suited to your budget.
We stayed in one of their VIP Rooms which is quite cheap for 2500 pesos 24hours stay, the entrance fee to the resort is 250 pesos, We had Grilled pork chop for Dinner and Hotdogs and Egg for breakfast that cost 100 pesos per set, not so bad. But you can also bring and cook you own food.
Each of us spend 1,200 pesos per head, that includes Transportation, Food, Drinks, Resort entrance and accommodation.

Amana Water Park is a nice place to stay for a quick get away. However....

My Good Riddance to the person who was assigned to take care of us during our stay, I know that the resort is new however that doesn't give you an excuse to forget all the things that you should be doing...for instance the Television that was in our room that night doesn't work, the man who was assigned on our room told us that he will be replacing it, up until the time we were about to leave the Television is still not working and take note we reminded that man to change it more than a couple of times during our stay...that's not a nice way to take care of your visitor..

Another Riddance is when the management told us that they will open the wave pool at 10am but until 12 noon the wave pool is still not working...they said that they have to wait for at least 30 people to be in the pool...hello if that's the case, if they can't follow the wave pool schedule and will have to wait for it to be filled, then might as well not advertise that you have the biggest wave pool in the can advertise that you have the biggest wave pool functioning only if there's 30 people swimming in the pool...DIG IT! Follow your schedule man...that's one reason why you have guest they want to experience the wave, let your guest be happy.

Opinion of the author was based from experience...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Intoxicated Conversation

I miss some stupid conversation that makes sense after you’ve thought about it…when you’re bored and drunk that’s when most of your creative thought comes to work. For instance nung mga panahon na college pa lang tayo at madalas kasama ang mga barkada hanggang umaga, walang mapagusap habang umiinom mas maraming weird idea na naiisip… Tulad na lang nito’—nasisip mo ba na pano kung lahat ng tao na nakakasalubong mo o nakakatabi mo ay isa lang palang dummy o puppet na wala talagang role sa mundo kung di makasalubong mo lang o makatabi? Weird ha?! Parang pang X-file or another fragments of paranoia…hahahaha…so ikaw lang ang bida, ikaw lang ang tunay na may buhay at lahat sila pinapanood ka lang…eto pa, anong gagawin mo kung isang umaga magising ka tapos lahat ng nakapaligid sayo wala na as in isang madilim at blankong lugar, walang kahit na ano…parang isang malaking box lang ang ginagalawan mo? (ok hindi ako adik! These are products of some conversations I had with addicts joke!)

Madami na ring pinag debatehan. Yung iba purely kababawan..

Topic 1: what’s the difference between destiny and fate? Do you believe in destiny and fate?

2 taong Paulit ulit na pinagtalunan…hanggang ngayon meron paring humihirit tungkol dito…at 8 taon ng nakakalipas…nitong kamakailan lang may nag paalala sakin nyan…habang umiimom din, ang sabi nya “naaalala mo ba yung topic ng destiny and fate?” sabi ko “oo” “ok may kulang tayo dun there’s a thin line that lies between Destiny and Fate” sabi nya, “ok, so ano yun?”, “CHOICES between destiny and fate there is a choice”…syet naisip ko, ano ba to’ seryoso na…o tumatanda na kami o umaakyat na talaga ang alak sa utak nya o nag aadik na sya ngayon…but that’s beside the point… I though he’s right!

Topic 2: “the bluest sky is infinitely high” explain or translate.

As far as I know hango to sa isang animei…di ko lang sure kung alin dun…madaming nagmadaling magisip tungkol dito…sabi nung iba na mas makikita daw natin yung bluest sky pag walang ulap at mataas ang sikat ng araw…(ok ang tanong---nakita mo na ba yung pinaka mataas na sikat ng araw eh madalas tulog ka panun?! Bwaaahahahahaha!!!). meron din nagpumilit na maging makata…eto classic “ if you reach a certain point in life and you feel that it’s your time and you’re at your best then that’s your bluest sky then you'll be infinitely high” ok so san ka ba high? Hehehe joke!

Topic 3: “You can drink the water coming out of your air-conditioning unit.”

Ok etong topic na to I know we are all sober, sa katunayan kumakain kami ng pandesal nyan at pancit canton may kasama pang juice! Hehehehe (sabi ko na nga ba puros betsin nanaman yun eh!). Ok, so pano ba nag umpisa yun…ah kasi mga panahon ng thesis yan…so nang galing yan sa isang mechanical engineering student na successful na sa field nya ngayon (ang magreact guilty! Kung di ikaw to tumawa ka na lang!). Ok for experimental purposes tinanong naming kung pwede nya bang patunayan…tapos kunwari kami ang mga juror ng thesis nya. Pano nya papatunayan samin yun para pumasa sya…may naisip kaming paraan magiipon kami ng tubig na galing sa aircon at iinumin nya yun sa harap namin! syempre puros tawa at pangaasar lang…kaya ayun nagwalk out si bestfriend…isang lingo o isang bwan kaming di pinasin…heheheh…peace dude!

Topic 4: Mary Walter, Helen Vela, Julie Vega

Eto classic to…everytime na uuwi na kami mga 3-5 ng madaling araw…di to’ pumapalya…kumakatok ka na lang sa bahay nyo may hihirit pa na pano kung si Helen Vela ang magbukas ng pinto nyo…o kaya habang nagpapaalam ka at lumalakad ka biglang mag sisigaw ng “kamusta mo na lang ako kay Julie Vega ha! Baka makasalubong mo” o kaya may sisigaw ng “oist Mary Walter!” mga baliw talaga!

Magulo pero Masaya, makulit pero kyut, mababawa pero malayo sa tunay na kamalayan ng buhay…malayang pagiisip..di pinuproblema ang mangyayari sa kinabukasan, lahat para sa pangkasalukuyan… pero anong nangyari ng lahat kami'y nag kamalay? Di ko na masagot malayo na sa pangkasalukuyan…nagbago na lahat…pero kami parin to’ at proud ako sa kinahinatnan naming dahil kahit pinag nagkamalan kaming addict ng mga homeowners sa subdivision namin successful parin kami! Ang saya!

Note: uulitin ko lang di kami addict----masaya lang kami!

My Good Riddance to Edison Belmes...Ok Omit the Riddance part, instead let me say good bye to a great friend who never cease to make everyone laugh..another one left for a greener pasture, all my hope of a better opportunity. Kudos to Edison and have fun bro!

Taken from my Multiply Blog.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black to Gray -Anabel Bosch (Elektrikoolaid)

You came around like
A thief in the night
From somewhere between
The dark and the light
And I can’t quite remember
What it was like
You existed in between
The day and the night

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

And I know somehow
You’re more real than you seem
Living somewhere between
Life and a dream
And I know what it’s like
To feel so alone
I want to knock on your door
But there’s nobody home

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

Are you in the future
Are you in the past
Is the first time I saw you
Also the last
Is the place that you came from
So far away
What are the chances
Of seeing you today

Black to gray
Fade away, now
Just like today
Black to gray

Fade away…

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