Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shugo Tokumaru the Genius Songwriter/ Multi-Instrumentalist!

My December is filled with Shugo Tokumarus’s music and I can’t get enough of it! What I like about his music is the layering of sounds he went beyond the regular 4-5 piece instruments. Tokumaru’s music is dreamy, artsy, whimsical and ambitious that’s how I would like to describe his music. It’s fresh and adventurous and honestly his music opens my heart to toy instruments like toy piano, xylophone, toy ukulele, steel drums, glockenspiel, accordions, bird whistle and others. He has this freakish ability to control those instruments to make it sound like it was naturally put there like pieces of a puzzle.

Hey World, Meet Enzo!

My activities are all filed up this month starting with Angelo Enzo’s greeting to the world “Hello there Enzo!” I cannot describe the feeling of being an auntie, hehehe, it’s really different from the feeling of being a mom, lols of course! I feel that I have a responsibility to assist my brother and being the eldest among us it’s my task to make sure that he gets the advice and support or even just being there would greatly help him calm his nerves. I’ve experience the agony of waiting just like all the dads were able to experience, I was anxious and praying for Joanne to have a safe and normal delivery…Man! if I can only smoke in the waiting area I’m sure I’ll burn my lungs with 2 cig per sec. Hahaha! I called out almost everyone in the Fam bam the moment my brother called me and asked me to bring their stuffs in the hospital. My cousins are there while waiting for Enzo to come out, hehehe the funny thing is, the kid waited for all of us to leave before showing up to the world.. Doing it with Style Enzo! Bravo!

Enzo an eight pounder baby was Born @ 8: 47 am, Sunday 12.5.10

Hohoho December, yeah I’m late!

Well better late than never right!? This season is really festive for me. Here are the reasons why:

  • The birth of Angelo Enzo my niece
  • Kaye’s Bridal shower
  • Vanity’s wedding *I’ll be the maid of honor
  • Kaye’s wedding *I’ll be the maid of honor (Again?) hahaha
  • And lots and lots of parties!

Its overload December and I don’t know how I can divide myself but I’ll find ways ^^ and guess what? I’m almost half way done! Hehehe!

The picture above was taken at Holiday Inn, morning after Kaye's Bachelorette Party. I was enjoying their breakfast and while requesting for my double sunny side up eggs the chef asked me "Ma'am are you a balikbayan? from which country!?" and I chuckled saying from the land of the East! hahaha Rizal! Lols and we both laugh it off!

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