Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hohoho December, yeah I’m late!

Well better late than never right!? This season is really festive for me. Here are the reasons why:

  • The birth of Angelo Enzo my niece
  • Kaye’s Bridal shower
  • Vanity’s wedding *I’ll be the maid of honor
  • Kaye’s wedding *I’ll be the maid of honor (Again?) hahaha
  • And lots and lots of parties!

Its overload December and I don’t know how I can divide myself but I’ll find ways ^^ and guess what? I’m almost half way done! Hehehe!

The picture above was taken at Holiday Inn, morning after Kaye's Bachelorette Party. I was enjoying their breakfast and while requesting for my double sunny side up eggs the chef asked me "Ma'am are you a balikbayan? from which country!?" and I chuckled saying from the land of the East! hahaha Rizal! Lols and we both laugh it off!

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