Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bachelorette partey! Vanity Speak thy Name!

My head’s still pounding from last night’s party! The reasons why I won’t be able to describe everything that transpired between 7pm and 12am...ummm... oh well, blame all those alcoholic beverages *told you self dozens of times, you can’t drink all the available alcohol in the table!*

The party's theme was Sex and the City and of course everyone one was required to come in with their nice little outfits and they all look fantabulous^^. We had a special guess and I don’t know what happened but we all died after those two songs, haha! It was a successful party, we had simple food and drinks but the most important part of throwing a bridal shower is the presence of the Bride’s friends. Luckily almost everyone made it.

The location is in VC Pasig and the room was marvelous. Austin Power room~ all I can say is “yeah baby yeah!” *Mike Myers Accent*

I had fun and I hope everyone does too! One good thing I lurve about this event is that I’ve gain a lot of new friends!

Oh well, I have to start working on the next bridal shower…This time it’s for Kaye! Don’t we just love being a girl!

The Party Girls!

And these are the Girls who will never grow up! Playful kids!


  1. Loved to stop by your post!! Really liked the bachelorette party celebrations. Have been planning to throw my niece’s a bachelorette party. As soon she will be tying a knot at one of wedding venues Chicago. Hope will be able to make it a rocking one.


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