Friday, November 19, 2010

My Little Secret!

I am going to let you guys know a little secret. The things that I like doing the most are playing the guitar and listening to music. Yes I’m a frustrated guitarist and I’m not really good a playing it, but I can say I’m trying, neh? You can say maybe I’m a little trying hard but…, oh well, we all have our own little things that we wish we are really good at. Hehehe!

I tried doing this as a 52 weeks project aside from what I’m currently doing now (365 project in FB). I was planning to do this for 52 weeks but my busy schedule won’t allow me to do so, as a result after 3 covers I gave up! This project was supposed to be called my Dorkette Covert Version but it never happen, I quit just like that. But I will never quit playing music maybe I’ll continue this after the 365 which is by the way I’m falling behind, hehehehe!

So here’s my Dorkette Covert Version of “Smile like you mean it” by The Killers!

Video is kinda delay from the audio, I don't know why, but i'll find out soon, this is my first time recording vidi from my lappy so please bear w/ it! LQ Video Dug! (I hope the Killers will not kill me! HAHAHAHA!) Peace!

Another Cover from Smashing Pumpkins and I really like this song, It means a lot to me. It's Called "Sweet Sweet."

Confined within the four corners of my room while the AC's in full blast oh yeah! *Cough* Sneeze*Cough*Sniff*.
Sweet Sweet is one of Corgan’s great creations in Siamese Dream Album('92) it’s a very short 1:38 min song but it gives away a lot of meaning. SP usually ends their gig with this song…
THEY SAY: Everyone’s expecting you to conform to life’s routinely cycle and take it as it is, but when everything else sucks in between! I say: Deviate!

I'm not Perfect but this is what I like to do the most! Cheers to Music and the Great Life!

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