Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Favorite things!

I’m a manic collector once I laid my eyes on something I can help but collect all of them! I like hats and shoes! Of course every girl would love to have a lineup of clothes in their closets and I collect Accessories, Bags, Jackets, Watches, Swim wear, DVD and scarf. It’s an endless love for me to collect things that would make me feel girly and happy!

I’m going to show you some of them, you guys may say that I spend too much but in reality I’m a thrift buyer I don’t like buying expensive stuff and some of them are gifts from friends. I look for uniqueness and quality, I don’t go for the brand I don’t pay for the name of the shoes or bags, you’ll only see me buying branded make-up and that’s Maybelline but mind you guys Maybelline is not expensive and it works well with me. For perfume some of them are gifts from my brother the rest are from friends…I think I have 10+ of Victoria secret and all of them are just gifts. Hehehe! So go get yourself some good friend lols!

My Hat Collection. I started collecting those last year and some are gifts from friends.

My favorite shoes. I didn't include the boots and others that I don't usually wear, right now these are my everyday shoes. I super love that Japanese design flats, that's one of my great finds and 4 of them I got from SM Parisian. Oxford Pumps are a must have!

Below are my Jacket Collection~ Some are really old. I've been collecting them since college and so far these are the only ones that I have a picture with, some are still resting inside my closet! I love them ^^

So Let me welcome you inside my little Jungle! hahaha! This is my poor closet! My clothes won't fit in so I only have my some of my light clothes resting there. My pants, dress and Jackets are located in another room hohoho! And despite this I still complain that I don't have clothes to wear! girls will never be contented...It's part of our hormonal imbalance hahaha!

And two of my favorite Watch! It's a Casio Silver and Gold plated Data Bank, my old school watch. I got both from my brother, he got it in Singapore! I super like them, It's fashionable and useful all at the same time!

What's Inside my Bag meme!
What's inside my bag meme! Now you know so you better not snatch it unless you want some make up and perfume LOls

I've lost my purse...sad )'=

Here's the meme list:
Hair accessory
accessories: Bracelets and earing ( I don't regularly use earring so I always keep a pair in case of emergency)
Make Up~ Eye liner, 2 Mascara, Concealer, Foundation, Press powder, Blush on, Lipstick, and 2 lip gloss...I'm a Maybelline User others are from everbilina (extra Mascara and 1 eyeliner from Everbelena) hahaha.
Shades and eye glass
CK2 Perfume for special occasions and Victoria Secret for everyday use
Brush and comb
Ganier Moisturizer and Eyebag reducer
My bulok na Cellphone, Yes I'm still using the N70 antique! It's been with me since 2005, hahaha! I'm planning to buy a new one before the year ends hahahaha! told you I'm freaking cheap! I have two extra phone though but those two are oldies so I need to get something new...with android hahahaha! froyo!
Mighty bond for Heels emergency I've experience running with my broken heels so it's a must.
I use to have two purse in my bag but I've lost my Tiger print purse now I'm down with just one the beaded purse ^^ but's it's not on the photo toink!
So there you go with some of my precious collection...next time I'll let you see my bags, perfumes, accessories, swim wear and other shoes if I get another extra time! Try to collect yours too It doesn't have to be expensive ^^


  1. 'Mighty bond for Heels emergency.' You certainly are well prepared: one might almost say well heeled.

  2. :D gee... you're a certified philanthropist

  3. Hi Ian! Yes I've experience having problem with my heels and I've learned my lesson that's why I have that Mighty Bond^^. Hahaha Well Heeled! I wish I can say that I'm well heeled but sad to say I'm lacking ^^! Thanks for the comments and I also enjoyed reading your Blog! I like your Goal~~ To travel and live in different countries....that I should say is really well heeled!

  4. I am Juan! Thanks!Certified Philanthropist...ummm...More like certified collector for the love of humanity and beauty lols ^^ Have a great day!


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