Thursday, August 12, 2010

I just wanna be OK… A-OK! ~Memoirs of a Kid

Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Candy Sprinkle, Cup Cakes, Pink Popcorn, Unicorn, Rainbow, Tulips, Sundae, Cherry, Strawberry kiwi shake, chocolate mouse, blueberry cheese cake, gummy bears, Red Vine and Green Apple liquorices, Ice cream, Popsicles, lollipop and sugar powder, balloons, Cherry blossom, muffins, chocolate chips, lemon drops, paper cranes, ukulele, castles, red shinny shoes, ribbons, rainy days curling in my sheets, fruit loops, smurf, pilipit and all the…………..Happy Thoughts! Imaginnnnnation….. ----> Spongebob to Patrick.

It’s just one of those random days when I feel like thinking of those things that make and doesn’t make sense at all. Today I feel like reminiscing my childhood memories. I think I was the weirdest amongst the kids in our block. My skin color is too dark to wear pink, my hair is dull and is the oiliest. I have the US map and its neighboring island as a scab on my knees, my face is full of sticky candy stains and I eat ice cream... hmmmm…no, I mean, I wash my face with ice cream and eat it, hehe. My body built can be mistaken for a lizard and I have boys for playmate but I am a princess in my own little corner, in our house.

As a kid I feel good whenever I get sick because I get to eat Pilipit. We all have our comfort food when we were young and mine is Pilipit (twisted stone hard bread coated with sugar) my mother will never fail to buy me those and I don’t know why it only taste good when I’m sick.

I love it whenever PAGASA suspend classes, it means binge eating, porridge, champorado or sopas day. I also have this weird desire of dressing up and stepping outside. Feel the rain drizzle in my face. I would ware my sweat shirts or fabulous jackets and hat and pose like some kind of weird London kid in the block, Hohoho.

I would ride a bike wearing daster (dress) and panic when I feel a gust of wind lifting my skirt, and would end up adding more maps on knees (luckily, those are not visible anymore). Saturday morning will always be touch ball or soccer or touch the color. My favorite was touch the color, my mother got me a fantabulous polka dot shorts with different colors on it; I would exclusively use it for that game and earn a lot of chasers and boy, how I run like a hyena.

I would fancy my lunch box; those that are old school deaf defying metal lunch box. I would grin like a sick-o on my pencil case with 300 secret pockets and storage and call it nightrider and put hermits inside and shake it till the hermit fall a sleep, hehe. I would smell my new notebooks and erasers. Fancy are those candy erasers that we held high to the glimmering light and think that it’s the greatest creation that man has ever invent in the history of humanity. I never collected stationeries and kisses though, it’s a fraud hohoho. since my first kisses never gave birth.

While everyone else was dying to have those colorful attaché case and stroller, well I was dying to have a glittered hair gel (just writing this makes me chuckle pffft~ me and my shallowness)

There you go, I’m feeling ok as in A-OK! This is good at least for today and maybe read it again whenever I feel a little bit down or maybe write those that I might remember.

Today I’m listening to "BE OK" by Irish Michaelson.

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