Saturday, January 8, 2011

We like to Party! The Lotlot and Friends Style

Last Christmas I was (again) task to organize a party for my friends (I think it’s becoming their habit). We rented a room in a cheap hotel just to make it more private and here are some of the scenes.
Alright, that's not a real gun that's from Vanity's wii and being a poser of course it won't escape my camera.

The funny thing about our exchange gifts, everyone was assuming that I was the one who wished for others gift, since I was tasked to collect their names and wish it’s logical that I know who got who and who wants what. So after everyone saw the list they started texting for second option and I started communicating with everyone. In the end everyone was thinking that it was me who they got since I was so quick and detailed in giving information…I sometimes wonder if my friends really know me (hahahaha), ridiculously, no one ever though that I was the one who wished for those two books…lols sometimes moments like this helps you know more about your friends, in case you missed out on some of the details after more than 7 years of friendship lols! I’m just kidding I know that they know me by heart it’s just their too occupied teasing me! See I love my friends!

Our Exchange gifts and just like I said on my previous post I receive books, 2 books to be exact to summon my lost passion! Thanks Cher!

Vanity and I having a serious boxing match, really serious that we both have to remove our bangles just to make sure that nothing can destruct our match. In the end, I champ the battle...It's not the bangles my friends it's the headband! HAHAHA! Boxing: the only game I can play, NO JOKE! hahahaha!
More photos....

That's at the Hotel's corridor. Protecting my friends from Zombies and Bad Forces! Hahahaha! Seriously, there are Zombies!

My Favorite photo of that night! I Loled at Lotlot! Caught you! Give me your Liempo Hahahaha!

Morning after, Breakfast with my beckiest friend Christian and bestest friend Vanity ^^

Christian was feeling paparazzi that morning, he wanted to take some stolen shots. Some failed because I was happily posing for the cam. hehehe!

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