Friday, January 7, 2011

My passion for reading

I stop reading last year, I think I got myself a couple of good books that I failed to read because (A) I was lazy, (B) I was too busy, (C) every time I start opening a page I get easily bored or I refuse to read, (D) I rather rest and let my time pass watching Korean and Japanese Movie/Drama coz I was making an excuse that reading subtitles can compensate whatever I am missing in the excitement of reading a real book. Last year my passion for reading was poor and I regret that.

I used to be someone who would rather be alone and read in a small corner but I don’t call myself bookish, I just love the adventure and satisfaction I get from reading whether it’s an old crummy smelly discolored pages or a bestseller- top of the notch- most popular- best of the best-book, It gives me the same feeling, contentment, amazement. I love the experience of creating each character, each places and visualizing each scenario that was written, I love playing the director and creating my own movie based on the author’s narration, but somewhere along the way I got lost and felt like I don’t have the luxury of reading for past time. I’ve lost that vigor. I lost my gift.
Last December, people asks a couple of times about what gift I would like to receive, I was blank. In our office exchange gifts I did not put any on my wish list, everyone was in glee putting theirs and mine was empty. I don’t want anything, honestly I can’t think of anything. When I organized the party for my friends I was again facing the dilemma of putting something on my wish list, then I realized that I haven’t read in a long time. And that was the end of my death, I was back in my world, once again traveling steady with a bind of papers in between my hand. It felt good to be back.
I was glad to have my passion back, I realize after sometime that it’s a gift that not anyone can have. I met a couple of people who can’t stand reading no matter how hard they try and they commend me for having such patience and love for it. Right now I have a few books in line, but with my first book I am struggling from reading too fast, I said my goal is to at least read a book each month, I can’t be too excited, I have to digest it properly and enjoy each taste, but the way I see it, because I was deprive last year and my hunger is just too high to control, this book might not last for days, on the second day I was more than half way done and I have to stop and urge myself to sleep. But it felt really really good.

I hope that everyone can realize and discover their love for reading, it is something really worth keeping and I don’t know how many times I have killed myself every time I mistakenly feel the boredom and laziness from turning each page. I was blinded by technology and all those promising tiny little things that shout: exercise your imagination and cultivate your knowledge. I was blinded by our 20th century advancement. By saying that I don’t mean that I will not welcome changes and technology I’m just saying that I will recognize what is good from what is there to cherish, learn and create interest but I shall never abandon my passion.

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