Sunday, October 3, 2010

Can I be part of the Cullens instead?

A good friend of mine made a comment in one of my project 365 photos. Well, this is what he said: “VODKAHOLIC VAMPY: THE RED COLORED BOTTLE compliments and blend to your mane”. And I replied saying “thank you and I like that title: Vodkaholic Vampy!” But it didn’t stop there he made another comment this time stating the reasons why I deserve that title.

This is what he said:

You are most suitable candidate for the title VODKAHOLIC VAMPY, hahahha! Here are the reasons WHY:

* You are a night walker
* You are a Vodka Lover
* You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)
* Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.
* You are forever young LOL =P

I rofl with that statement and how great it was pointed out!

You are a night walker~ and I never sleep at night, we all know that I’m insomniac, that's why I rather work at night.

You are a Vodka Lover~ GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! YES, my name is Levz and I’m a VODKAHOLIC! Lolz!

You are Victoria's exact replica (Twilight)~ That---I’m not so sure of! Victoria is brunette and her skin is pale white vs Me --well, my mane is quite reddish, I colored it red but being a natural Filipina we all know it would fail, hehehe, my skin is pale yes! But not white pale hahaha!

Your mane and fashion statement is awe-inspiring.~ Now, that is one compliment that I appreciate! I work hard to look great because if you look great everything else will follow. And I appreciate those who like my fashion sense, not too eccentric but a little edgy! And my hair is not as gorgeously straight or curly but I like it like that!

You are forever young LOL =P~ WOW Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I’m on a my double curly age *nods up and down* and I still get a shot and glare whenever someone asks for my age and I answer it with full honesty, hehehe…I feel good to be branded as ageless!

I know this is narcissism at its finest, but when someone compliments you, you should be thankful and appreciative! Don’t be coy or shy! Just like what I always said “don’t be bashful!” Say Thanks! And gulp it all. After all we don’t get that every day, just don’t forget to pay it forward!

Now can I just be part of the Cullens!? HEHEHE!

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