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Hike to Mt. Romelo: Lord I Gotta Keep On Moving!

Mt. Romelo Trek

Mt Romelo is located in Siniloan Laguna but often referred to as Mt. Famy. It is said that Mt. Romelo is a minor climb with just 300 MASL (meters above sea level) often a destination for first time hikers with difficulty level of 2/9.
Excited Hikers

On the way to Mt. Romelo

After our shift we hurried to fix our stuff and double check the things we will need for the trip. A little disruption came when our ride told us that they won’t be able to pick us up at Makati so we have to commute to Shell Ortigas our new meeting place. When we got there we were greeted by MC’s Friends a.k.a. our guide Richie, Ikyut and Mike and off we head to Laguna passing by the town of Rizal. We arrived at 3pm at Great Valley it’s the mountaineers stop over before and after the climb. We decided to eat first since Richie told us that it would take us a few hours to reach the campsite, he estimated our arrival time would be at around 8pm since we are all beginners. We ate at one of the carinderia that offers scrumptious homemade siopao, siomai and mami at a very cheap price.

Still with lotsa energy

We the started the walk to the registration at 4pm it was an easy walk but we have to cross a stream, I was thinking this will be fun. At the registration we have to write down our name in a logbook and pay 20 pesos (for the entrance, I suppose) then starts the hike.

The Climb 

The first part was really hard I did not expect that the first leg will be like that. I was panting and sweating so bad. The trek was steep, slippery and wet; we have to pull our selves up to climb. My bag which I borrowed from MC was really huge, they reminded me a few times just to bring two t-shirt and two extra shorts and a leggings but knowing how kikay I am they knew I won’t follow. So I went cursing myself from bring too much not to mention the tripod that was tied at my back. It was a long 30-45 mins walk, climb, crawl, jump then we reach a store that sells buko (coconut) juice and Mountain Dew. Good heavens! I was praising the Mountain Dew like I was drinking a liquid from the fountain of youth. After that quick 10 mins break we went back to our feet, I was bugging our guides asking “are we there yet?” “How far is the campsite?”  When we reach the 1st summit Richie then told us that we are just half way thru to the campsite but it was almost dark and he feared that we might not see our way. So this time I was so determine in making my way quick to the campsite I was now walking next to the head as he lead our way.

Mountain Dew Break at the Middle of Mt. Romelo

Reaching the second summit was not as strenuous at the first although it’s a little high but there were post that we can grab on to, I’ve learned that it’s easier if I’ll be holding a walking pole, so I got myself an improvise pole. Just before we entered the last leg of the hike descending to the campsite we have to stop and wait for the rest, Richie told us it will be best if we stick together since we only have 4 flashlights and some pen light. It was dark, pitch black and we can hear the streaming water below. We have to make sure that everyone’s alert because the way down is slippery and one wrong move will lead you to a cliff. I was left with no choice but to walk on the ankle high mud, I really don’t care, I was after my safety.  All the fears that I have for creepy crawlers like leech, blood suckers and snake were set aside, I told myself I have to keep on moving (inside my head I was humming Keep on Moving by Bob Marley).  At that point I was questioning myself: why did I join this trip? I’m supposed to be home, watching TV, reading books, drinking or whatnot and what will I do when we reach the campsite? There’s no bed or shower room to make me feel comfortable, I was longing for city lights. But since I don’t have much of a choice but to keep on moving I told myself I have to make it quick, so no matter how many times I stumbled in the dark, I struggle to keep myself compose, determine to reach the campsite. At the campsite we were greeted by a big tree with thousand of fireflies, I was in awe watching them dance and glitter in the night. I was all worth it!
Upon reaching the Campsite

When we reach the campsite we realized that we went ahead and were separated from the 2nd group so I went back to the trail shouting their names but I can’t hear anyone answering back, when they finally respond they told me that they have no lights and they can’t see the trail, I told Ikyut (Trail Head) that we have to get back and help them find their way. I was particularly concern for Christian because really he doesn’t have any plans of joining us coz he knew it will be tiring, but I’m that pushy-mean-girl he can’t refuse. So I was distress bec if anything went wrong I will be guilty forever. Lesson Learned: Never push anyone to join if they don’t like.
the dirtiest of them all: I
After that exhausting trail and one casualty of bloodsucking sucker we were all safe and alive. We started the night by building our tent and cooking dinner, the rest of the girls decided that they will just rent a nipa hut to stay for a night. We had fun sharing our experience and after dinner the rest of the girls went to sleep while the rest of us started our session with Mr. Matador. I decided not to drink too much since I anticipate the tiring trail we have to go through the next day, after 7 shots I told everyone it was a nice night and head my way to the tent with Chris and May.
Dinner is serve

Cam whoring Tent
My first time sleeping in a real tent! I congratulate myself! The floor was really hard with some uneven bump from stones and roots, it was uncomfortable. I was tossing and turning. Good thing I was equipped with blanket and pillow plus I put a couple of jackets to support my body from the pebbled floor. I can hear nature’s music and Christian snoring all at the same time, the sound of nature was a grand melody to hear but with Chris unconsciously singing a long with it was a pain in the ear. So I have to wake him up a couple of times to tell him to shut up lol! (“bakla, bakla and ingay mo!” lol) the next day we woke up by the noise that the girls are making while having a massage party. Then the plan was to go to the falls.

The way to the falls 
The way down to the waterfalls was another challenge, we have to crawl our way down and grab on roots for support, and my legs are trembling. I ask myself why I have to do this again and what’s with that falls that I have to go over this anxiety? But I can never explain how It felt when I saw the falls it took away all my weariness and it was an amazing feeling. It’s over whelming. The obstacle we have to go through just to see the beauty was really something worth accepting. I was happy and ecstatic inside. I understand why people take time just to see the majestic Romelo Falls; it’s something, a real gift from nature.  I swam the crystal clear water it was cold and refreshing. I took some photos. There’s a group of guys from Wyett who were rappelling the Falls, they told us that if we want to try they’ll be happy to assist us (for free) but we felt that we rather enjoy the scene that they are making than to create our own scene, so we pass (hmmm… Next time I swear I won’t). After the swimming we had our lunch and rest before heading back home.

The walk back to the base was easy, as in no sweat. I saw the trail we trek the night before and it was not a good sight. Anyway, we made it! Our first hiking trip and we are now planning our next to Mt. Gulugod Baboy (Batangas), then Daraitan (river trek at Tanay Rizal), Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon) and traverse to Pico de Loro. The body pain after was quiet addicting and there’s this feeling of desire in conquering our own little mountains. It’s amazing! Till then! My next stop will be at Boracay then off to hike again! Happy summer everyone! 

Now for Photo Spam:
View from the Cliff



Zen Stones

Check out my reaction when i saw the waterfall and how May rush in excitement lol
In Action ^^

Mygoodriddance Of Course ^^

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