Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is the story of a Girl!

This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drown the whole world…This is what I’m actually doing right now crying a river waiting for the whole world to drown with my misery…I’m turning to be a big hater!  I just can’t get it! I can’t get the fact that I can’t do the things that I like simply because people are thinking of their own convenience…selfish! Are we all born just to think of ourselves not to care to those who sit besides us?

How many days in a year? Tell me is it 365 compared to one is to two and two is to one?!!!! Arrrrgh! I’m dying and my head is spinning! I grandly complain about the trivial and inane matters that bothers me like the blister in my ankle from wearing my small crocs and it’s been days since that rainy night that I stupidly decide to wear it, the series of dental appointment that leaves my mouth open for 3 friggin hours under the torment of root canal(no offense to my dentist she’s really good, blessed with feather light hand), the rain that’s been threatening my summer plans, my lack of sleep and those text messages/calls that wakes me up in the middle of my most needed slumber, the freezing air inside my bedroom then I drag myself to stand up and adjust the AC temperature making me step/bump on things that I can’t see so I leave it like that and wait for hypothermia to solidify me, waking up feeling lovely only to finding out that I have no coffee or cig to start my day, sending an important text and getting a message that I have no credit left, the everyday confusion of should I go to the mall (buy new clothes or shoes or books or accessories or toys or anything or just eat steak and get fat) or go home (watch DVD or read a book or write or snap a picture or food trip or surf on line), what to do? I can go on and on with the list and fill everything in details still all of those are just a simple everyday excuses to complain and none of those was influence by any one but myself and how I can just deal with it. But not when people are involved and I watch them take me as their comfortable excuse or scapegoat to live a less strenuous life and even if your life depends on me you don’t have the right to tell me the things that I can and cannot do. I’m staring to believe that people are naturally born in two ways (1) born with your ass at your back (2) born with your ass at your face and you live the way you are born!

The snag that’s been bothering me will just stay inside cocooning herself until it’s finally time to leave... I can cry until I drown the whole world but the reason for my tears will not be stated for I am greatly disappointed.

  • And the rain just won't stop!
  • Good luck on tomorrow's hiking! 
  • And I don't really cry! 
  • And I won't drown the world with my misery! 
  • But I might drown someone!

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