Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freakish Tattoo Dream!

Last Sunday night I was so tired after coming back from my dental appointment that I literally throw myself on the bed while rubbing Popsicle sticks in my sensitive teeth. I was stressed and the discomfort was really unbearable that I have to call everyone’s attention just to get me a cold stick to rub it off; my dentist told me that it’s normal after root canal session and tooth extraction. So I doze off without even changing my clothes or washing myself. Talk about personal hygiene – I was tired you know! Try going to your dentist and have 2 root canals and pulling! Lol

Back to my dreaded tattoo dream story, I was really setting my mind at getting a tattoo on my nape and after those root canals I was thinking well this is much painful than the tattoo that I’m planning on.  While lying on the dental chair all I have in my twisted mind was--- If I want a tattoo I better survive this. So that dental visit made me more confident at getting permanent ink mark.

So in my dream, May our new agent (who has multiple tattoos on her body and still planning to cover her skin with some more) was there and so the scene was about me getting a tattoo and I was a little tipsy all from having too much fun and really elated in getting one. So there goes May’s little friend who said he can do a neat ink job on my nape, everything was hazy and light. I said I want a small eagle wings and some cool quotes below it.  I was laughing until I can barely move and was enjoying every prick the dude was inflicting on my skin.  I don’t know what happened next but as far as I can recall I was trying to pull myself out from a small square hole that looks like a trailer truck luggage roof and I was thinking "oh man this is too cool, I’m living a hippie way!" Until I check on my tattoo then everything turned to be a nightmare my tattoo was horrible it was like, I can’t even describe. So here's an illustration of what I saw in my dream:

I was complaining and all but my cognitive brain was telling me that it’s all ok I can have it fix by covering it with a big tribal tattoo. But I was screaming NO! I can’t have this, I’m dying to kill that dude and he was like nonchalant about everything! WTF! it’s Nessie the Loch Ness Monster with wings making funny antics at my back and the worst part of all he inked it on the wrong spot it was on my upper left back! Arrrgh!

I woke up staring at the ceiling for a fat period of time while holding my chest to prevent my heart from exploding. Glad it was just a dream. Now would I like to get a tattoo? The dread of getting the one that I like and the regret after not being satisfied.... Hmmmm.  I was planning on getting a pink ribbon and stars on my nape and a cat on my wrist but until I’m fully recovered I have to hold it off till then. Ahhhhh... Still grasping my heart!

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