Thursday, February 24, 2011

Summer Teaser!

Oh yeah! I’m trying to assess my summer activity for 2011 as I regret my laziness last year so I would like to make it up this time. I’m shooting the moon with all the plans that I have since my work really doesn’t permit me to be out for a long time so the plan of leaving the country is out of the discussion, at least for this quarter (no Hongkong and Macau, sorry self). And here I am getting really darn agitated with all the plans that I have in mind but what the heck neck!  If I could squeeze everything just to make it possible or capture a leprechaun to trade my accessories for time, I would.

First stop on my plan is the climb to Mt Romelo located in Laguna it’s a minor climb of about 2 hours walk (if our lungs would cooperate) and I was told that there are falls that are magnificently captivating . I’m not really a fan of hiking although I respect hikers who have the skills to conquer their mountains, so I say why not (after hearing the people in the office talking about the plan—eavesdropping lol) I’m in!

 I’m excited and a little anxious at the same time, anxious because I have no experience in climbing or trekking and I’m clueless. I don’t know what to bring and what not to. You see, I’m not a backpacker type of a traveler. I’m someone who would bring half of her closet and those kikay stuff not needed for traveling for the fear of mismatch, mood swings and uncomfortable feeling knowing how clumsy I can get, the thought of spilling something on my shirt, the I might need this if a sudden rendezvous require one like dinner dress, more than 3 pairs of bikiny, clothes for various activity, lotsa jacket and accessories and the What if and so on. So when I fix my bag I pack everything that I can get a hold of. Yes I’m certified OC. Well, remind you self it’s a Hike. Mountain. Nature. No need for those fancy!

So there I go with my friendly formulated list of things that I might need and not after summoning them every day with my annoying questions: Do we need this? Will I need that? Do I have to bring this and that? And the millions What If? Lols. This is going to be my greatest challenge! I was warned that there is no comfort room or changing room in places like that, no one’s going to carry my back pack and I have to endure all the long walks and strange things slash creatures that I might come across (SIGH), there’s no electricity and we all have to sleep on the pebbled floor at the comfort of our sardine can like size tent…In other words they’re telling me not to complain! Lols I’m no prima donna, I can handle that. Tsk! No Sweat!

And my final prayer:
Oh Gawd please have mercy!

It’s a Good Luck Baby! I’ll be hitting the beach too this summer…something wonderful ^^

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