Saturday, October 9, 2010

Countessa of the East

Today I shall not sleep because Ayala will be close by 5pm – 10am and I’m anticipating chaos in my commuter's life~~ honestly speaking I don’t know much about Makati’s side street. So my plan is to leave early, as early as 10pm, if worst comes to worst I’ll have time finding my way to reach my 2am shift. If I’ll have extra time… ummm… then I might roam around Ayala with my Camera and see what I can get there…You see, I’m very vigilant of what’s happening around, so attentive that I’m completely oblivious of tonight’s events in Makati, lols! Is it October fest or Marathon or Rally? I wouldn’t give a dam really! We’ll see!

Anyhow, last night I started training new bloods and hopefully I’ll be done with product training tomorrow so we can start sucking blood, bwaaahahahaha!

I still need one more new blood to join my army…would you like to be my newbie? Bwaaaahahaha!

My lappy’s keyboard is acting strange, I think he had grown a brain of his own and decided to rebel against me. YO! Keyboard wakey wakey don’t be stubborn baby!

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