Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I recommend to all my ladies to Eat. Pray. LOVE.

It all started last Sunday when my cousin put this shout out on her wall, she said “I want to watch EAT PRAY LOVE who’s with me?” and I hit the like button and so as one of our friends. Next thing I know she’s already telling me the time she would pick me up. You see my gals’ works in speed, hehe!

Off we go to Power Plant with my sleeplessness psyche, half way to the mall I took the liberty of sleeping and from time to time would butt in at their conversation. They woke me up when we’re in the parking lot, so much for my 20 mins of slumber, power nap indeed.

I was looking forward to watching this movie although I was hoping that I can speed read it before going to the big screen, but my cousin won’t let me do that, she’s so determine to watch the movie that even if I beg for a 5 days allowance to read it first, she will still insist. So I was there, no sleep since Friday night but armed with my Macchiato and curiosity, I went there hoping I won’t lose my mind to sleep.

Eat Pray Love is a story about a woman searching for life’s balance, the not-to-miss opportunities and finding freedom and self realization in life. The book was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, she accounts her experience travelling around the world, her divorce, the people she met and her discoveries in every trip. She gave a full description of her life experience and shared it with her reader. The title EAT PRAY LOVE represents her journey and discoveries in the three countries she have visited, ITALY, INDIA, INDONESIA. The film adaptation carries the same title and Gilbert was portrayed by Julia Roberts, judging from the reviews and some synopsis that I have read, I believe that Roberts and the Director of the film was able to give justice to the movie.

Now I’m craving to read the book, so bad that I’m turning into loco searching the net, but on second thoughs I think it is something that I should really have, I meant a hard copy, so next pay day I’m going to run to the nearest bookstore and get myself two of her books, the EAT PRAY LOVE and the sequel~ COMMITED: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage. And now I’m also planning to purchase all of her written books, hehehe, The last American man, The Stern Men and Pilgrims. I got myself a project to work onto.

After the movie we were all craving for pasta but a t 11 pm I doubt if any decent chef would be happy cook for us. Dang! I was craving for Vongole! Well, I told my couz that if we can’t eat pasta then I rather have Japanese food so we went for a drive in Little Tokyo but no success! So we ended up eating at Shakey’s hahaha!

With my movie buddies, my cousins Sheila and Ivee and our good friend Lanz!

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