Monday, November 14, 2011

Hamilo Coast Beach Bumming!

Last October 2, my friends and I decided to pack our things and check the beach. I have a friend who knows someone who owns a unit in Hamilo Coast, so my good friend got us a pass to stay at the exclusive beach club, hehe!

The trip was 3-4 hours drive from Manila. We were facing a bad weather so we have to be extra careful on the road. On the way we made some stopover at Tagaytay to buy all of the stuffs that we will need. It was cold and foggy that day, we arrived in Tagaytay at 2 in the afternoon and it seriously looks like 6pm, and it was raining on and off. But we were being mischievous taking pictures and having fun, not minding the bad weather and time.

From Tagaytay it took us another hour and a half to reach Hamilo. I’m a big lover of road trip so I was enjoying the scenery plus the company I was with. But the weather really won’t cooperate. Our plan of staying at the beach was not feasible, instead we contained ourselves in the condo and enjoyed the stories, drinks, hooka. It was a pure moment with my good trusted friends getting drunk and high with laughter.

The following day, surprisingly, is a perfect day to chill in the beach. After having breakfast we went straight to the Beach Club house. We took a lot of photos, walk on the shore and enjoyed the ocean breeze. We were not allowed to swim because the current is really strong; instead we hang out at the cafĂ©. After few hours we decided to move to the Country Club, they assist us and bring us to their country club, I was amazed at how big the place really is, the country club has various pools and it’s facing a lake so you can still feel the serenity and zen while taking a dip. They also have sports amenities that you can use, like gyms and various courts for different sports, KTV room, Gaming room and other indoor activities. 

Hamilo Coast is an exclusive beach residential club. They have a lot of exclusive condominiums in the resort and the place is really huge with a golf course and two club houses. The beach club and country club are the two amenities you can stay and do whatever you desire.

Then back to the normal channeling of daily life! Take a break and have fun!

Be Blessed!

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