Monday, June 27, 2011

Just give me this last 3 days in moody June

Ok, so it’s been like more than a month since I last posted here in mygoodriddance…that was long and annoying. We’ll I won’t rant about how busy my schedule was and yadahyadah, since it’s not new anymore but instead let me just put some random photos of my collection and what not and tell random stories that I can recall. So here it goes:

My Nail polish and rings
My obsession for this has always been with me since early teen days when I would fill my fingers with chunky rings and color my nails with black polish (just black nothing else) and fill my wrist with 1 pond of bracelets, lol the rock and roll era. I never grow my nails since I always play the guitar, in some situations wherein I had it long then (as always) get the urge of playing the guitar I carelessly cut it and hate myself after. Now I have less time playing music since I’m no longer in a band I can afford to keep it long but I still cut it from time to time. So there, I brought myself a new set of rings and color my nails freely with happy colors.

And lately I've been very moody with what to wear and not too:

I love rain and the cold weather. I sometimes wish that my country can have the four seasons. I always tell myself that someday I will move and live in Atlantic (lol) so I can collect and wear all the jackets and boots but that was just me and my fancy.  But then again I love the tropical weather only if I live near the sea otherwise it’s all humid and sticky. So I’m not making sense with all this blabber... lol anyways I have here few of what we have manage to capture.
Skimpy skirt with white and gray layered Blouse from  F21 gift from Jess ^^

lazy day wearing an oversize chiffon blouse in jeans and low cut peep toe boots

Oversize black tiger print Tshirt

I love this shirt so much the red ribbon and design . on a high waist gray slacks
vintage design jacket, racer back big pocket blouse and leggings

Pink racer back and floral mini skirt

Oversize Jacket and Shirt in Pink leopard print Leggings
The Jacket is a crochet gray and black checkerd. 
Racer Back White w/ purple design shirt . Jumpsuit in navy blue. 

My oxford addiction…
I love shoes I think I have more than --- pairs in my collection but lately I’ve been loving Oxfords shoes.  I like how classy and sophisticated it look and comfy too. So here are my few collection:
A gift from my Brother he bought this in Singapore ^^

Gray is the new Black ^^

I rarely use this bec this is a suede not good to wear when its raining and lately the weather is annoying.
this is actually caramel in color

my high heels Oxford Peep Toe shoes very classy design

I like this Oxford Peep Toe because of the Heels and it's  good when wearing skinny jeans

The classic One good when you're wearing tights or leggings  very Old school

so here they are I'm still looking for the Oxford wedge heels and I'm going to get them very soon ^^

lol this is not an Oxford Shoes but a Pumps and  I just  want to include it coz it's cute . 

My white Oxford this was early last year

my first Oxford Pumps, bought this 2009

I will try to make up this month of June. Fortunately I still have 3 days to do that! Excuse me for the photo, I took some of them using my phone. I told you I'm giving my DSLR a rest. lol

Have a lovely day everyone ^^

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