Sunday, November 6, 2011


I said I’ll be back here at mygoodriddance right? didn’t I? Ain’t it? Hahaha! OK, so just recently we had our Halloween party. Just like any other companies who'd go through the tradition annually, we so-so have that too! Lol I wanna look back and see how I came up with the last three years.

Scary Theme’ 2009 I came up as a white lady. My costume came from my mom, she had this gown hidden in her closet and as you could see it’s really scary but mind you guys during the 70’s her gown is the “IT” thing! She can be called fabulous just wearing her immaculate white gown.

Fantasy’ 2010 I spend a little time with this it’s a tutu and I had it customized, by saying that I meant I spend money. It was created by one of my friend’s couturier. I top it with a white racerback and accessorized it with a colorful necklace and flower laced headband. My idea was to come as a ballerina with chunky heels hahaha.

Cosplay’ 2011, the year that I came confused…It was my idea to have a cosplay party but at the middle of preparing for the event I got tired and procrastinate big time, with that being said I went completely blank as I struggled to dig into my closet for the closes I can put on together. I did tried coming up as a Kawaii Japanese student but whenever I pick something from landmark and SM my conscience keeps telling me not to spend. Haha I’ve changed over the course of a year, I’m now thriftier than ever.

So there finally, people got confused whether I came as Victoria from Twilight and I must admit I wish I can claim that but I was not. As I want to be Ida from Shaider or Some Japayuki hahahaha! 

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