Friday, August 12, 2011

Seasonal Blues- Writers Block

Lately I've been having this trouble with my self, I can’t get my head straight thus having this writers block. I wonder what’s going on... I've lost my vigor for taking photos, I feel lazy going out, no trips out of town, I've cut down my budget for shopping so I've nothing new to get excited about. I listened to all sorts of music and I have a lot of things going through my mind trying to figure out how to put in words all these emotions that I have when listening to certain music from different Indie artists/bands---but can’t put in the words to make a good review. I feel that it’s such a waste to write something when my head is clouded with confusion and question; I know I wouldn't be able to give justice when my head is hanging empty.

This is seasonal as I’ve been through this before—writers block. Annoying how I've started quite a few topics then throw it or leave it hanging… Well, again I hope this won’t take long… I blame it on technology since I rarely open my laptop to write and explore.  I can pretty much do the things that I like here in the net with my phone, even when travelling or lying on my bed. My phone keeps me connected but then it also bottle me up. “Micro blogging” through social networks mini post with pictures or whatever I have at that time, keeps me contented in the end it’s being wasted…I lack the creativity now, I can pretty much post whatever I have in mind via twitter and facebook thus making this blog abandoned….

Bloggers have this kind of days too…writers encounter darkness too…running out of Ideas, Thoughts, or enthusiasm…or maybe running out of black ink. Good thing I don’t get paid doing this otherwise I’ll be starving to death now.

On a brighter side I think that block is a few inches away from me, since I’ve come to post something…even if it doesn’t make sense. Lol

Remember life is good! Keep on living!

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  1. It made whole lot a sense to me! Time to time I go through
    designers block so I do understand!

    May be drinking whole bottle of wine might help me
    for my designers block? LOL


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