Sunday, March 11, 2012

On Books 2012

Last Christmas I got myself “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” unfortunately I haven’t finish reading it. Reasons: I was lazy and I guess reading also requires mood and ambience. Moody and I can’t find the right ambience (---yeah yeah I know!). I also got a hardbound copy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami it was given to me last Christmas by a good friend  and you know I haven’t started on it because--- I’m lazy! So by mid February I was anxious with my being overly lazy. I was concern with my enthusiasm and I can’t find my, my spot. So I told myself I need a starter, something to jump start my dead battery.

Bam! There I found Hunger Games!  Like freakish and monstrous, I can’t stop reading, page after page. I was obsessed with Katniss Evergreen and Peeta Mellark. I was fancying Cinna and The Capitol people, The Arena and the Cornucopia and all the districts and the Tributes from each district. I got mad, I cried, I laugh and fell in love with each turn of events.

I have to halt myself for simple reasons like I need to sleep, eat and live. I was back. Just like last year when I needed to summon my lost desire for reading. I finished the 3 series in less than 3 weeks, allotting only two days each week for each book because if not I know I’ll be spoiling my mood and be tired after. So when I saw the preview of Hunger Games I can’t control my emotion, teary eyes and shaking voice, overwhelmed. I wonder why  I never check on them whenever I visit the bookstores and I almost missed the series. Well, still lucky because out of boredom and curiosity I search to find the ebook and there!

Now I’m back to reading.

This is happening so frequently, I can hear my mother saying “Levz, jack of all traits, master of nothing” hahaha! See? I have disconnected myself from almost everything…I’m back to, I’m back, blah blah blah! Now I’m scolding myself because all I can think of in every post I write here is I’m back! I’m back! Argh!
Enough of that!)

Anyways, I’ll be starting on 1Q84 I think I had enough warm-up, I wanted to read that book when I’m ready so I can give my full concentration. I’ll also be refreshing myself with Tolkien since Hobbit will be showing soon and it’s been like more than half a decade since I’ve read that book. Not to mention that I need to catch up with those books I failed to finish.

By the way, while reading Hunger Games these two songs are constantly on loop. In my opinion, can be a good soundtrack for the book. Just sharing! Try it, Listen and Enjoy!

Have fun!

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