Saturday, March 27, 2010

Out from the Wreckage

2007 was not good year for me. It was the toughest year I’ve ever been, a lot of emotions were poured over and it lasted until 2008. If I’ll be writing an episode of the spiral experience I’ve been through this blog space will not be enough.

What I want to write down are the things that I have learned over those experiences. I refuse to go into details with those episodes, not because it will bring back whatever pain or regrets I had but because it is not necessary anymore. See the title “out from the wreckage”, isn’t that a little positive than saying “In a wreckage”?

In every experience it is necessary for us to clear our minds so we can digest the entire lesson. It is important that we learn from our mistake, the wrong moves, the wrong decisions and wrong perception to avoid same mistake in the future. If we fail to take note of those valuable lessons, I’m pretty sure in one way or the other it will come back to us in circles. Let’s be wise.

Lesson learned:

Love your self more than anyone else

You can’t truly love someone without loving yourself first. You have to appreciate the person that is you before giving the same appreciation to anyone else. It is not selfishness to think of you first before the person next to you. I have learned to love myself just enough to make me believe that I’m a good lovable person.

Think before saying anything.

Words are very powerful. It can destroy or bring back a person to life. Someone told me this a few months ago after a long heated argument “I know what you are about to say so spare me those words…word is something you can’t take back, once it slip out of your mouth It will be in my head so don’t say it” I was dumbfounded at how it was delivered to me I didn’t know how powerful my words are.

Don’t over do your action

You know how we foolishly laugh when we watch actors exaggerating their scene, it a little annoying and it’s not convincing at all. Do it naturally, express it once then move forward.


Learn to respect others. Ok it’s following the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” easy to say but it’s not easy to follow. If you don’t want to be rip off then don’t rip off others.


Trust is a word that if you’ll be asking me to describe, I’ll describe it as DARKNESS. I’m not being negative, isn’t it true that when you trust someone it’s like asking that person to walk you in the dark or lead your way while your eyes are close? Trust and believe those people you love and who loves you, if they ask for it then give it, but before doing so look at the first lesson above.

Paranoia will destroy you

Yes it will. It will make your head go crazy. It will make you the worst person. It will exhibit the most irrational and delusional person in you. Paranoia will bring you to madness. It’s an anxiety disorder therefore you’ll never have that peace of mind inside you.

Don’t be obsess with orderly

You’re life will not be as valuable as now if you have never experience disarrange. I was obsessed on how I can live my life in peace and order. I want everything to be in accordance to what the society has portrayed for us. Books taught us those stages in life but the obstacles that we are to face on those levels were not clearly stated. WE ARE NOT PERFECT. We can’t control circumstances from appearing in our daily routine, we are not living in a box.

Pray, do it will all you heart

Stop blaming everything to him. Give him a break. It was you who made those decisions, it was you who took those steps, it was you who choose that side, it was you who said those words and so on and so forth. Why ask him why? Why say that he’s not on your side? Why say that he has abandoned you? Start praying with all you heart, ask him for guidance, ask him to give you the peace that you need but never blame him for all the mistake that you commit. And please stop asking like he’s a genie who would grant all of your wishes and cry like a spoiled kid when things don’t come your way. He has his own way, so pray for you’ll be enlightened.

You are not invincible

I thought I was! I’m a person who somehow gets what I like but my experience has taught me that I’m not spared from the normality in life. I am not invincible. I should stop bragging about things that will make others think that they are less or in a mess. I’m just like anyone else.

Pay attention and have patience

There are reasons why those trials are given to you. Just wait and see you might be in that wreckage now and think that it’s the end for you but let me tell you this THAT IS NOT YOUR ENDING. Things will pass and you will see a better meaning to why it has come to you. Don’t be impatient, I’m not saying that you should not mind what’s going on, but learn from the experience and pay attention to the view while you’re driving your way to your destination.

Forgive but never forget

Forgive those who have done you wrong but never forget what was done wrong unto you. You will never learn if you keep on forgetting how it feels to be in that situation and you will never advance if you keep on forgetting your lesson. Isn’t it the reason why our professors’ give us quizzes is for us not to forget their lessons? So let’s apply that in our lives, forgive and move on but never forget what was taught.

We’re just on the first quarter of the year but it seems like everything is making sense now. I believe that 2010 is my year and I’m going to make the best out of it. I hope I’ll be able to help someone with this post. I’m not a therapist or a councilor but I’ve been through the wreckage and I have learned my lesson, as much as I don’t want anyone to experience what I’ve been through, I know that we have no control over our circumstances so let’s just take note and enjoy the lesson.

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