Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mushy Cheese Explosion

WARNING: This post has the cheesiest and mushiest entry so read with caution. Squishiness, nausea and series of vomiting may be experience. Feel free to whack your head after reading.

Things that I would like to do for MY MAN

Massage his back after a long tiring day

Wake up early and watch him sleep until he yawns and reach for me.

Sing and play my guitar until he gets tired of listening to my voice.

Fix his collar and tie and hand him his hanky before going to work.

Watch whatever he enjoys watching (I hope he enjoys Myth Busters, ah… whatever will do).

Prepare coffee and toast in the morning for him.

Give him butterfly kisses at night and a kiss in the nose in the morning.

Read his favorite book and discuss what’s interesting in that book.

Contradict his opinion to entice intellectual conversation.

Play dorky to make him laugh.

Cook his favorite food and snacks.

Nag only in a cute manner.

Compliment his hair, smiles and eyes.

Buy his medicine when his not feeling well.

Back him up and support him from doing the things that he wants.

Laugh with him and our silliness till we drop and roll on the floor.

Encourage his competitive streak by not losing to him.

Join his random silliness chain of thoughts with evil grin. BWAHAHAHA!

Things that I want MY MAN to do for me

Let me sleep until I get tired of sleeping with his arms wrap around me.

Read my favorite book or recite my poem.

Let me win in whatever games we have. (Sometime)

Go on a road trip with me and be spontaneous.

Sneak food a night for me. Food Trip Partner.

Smile when I feel down or tickle me when I feel cranky.

Teach me more guitar techniques (if he knows how to play the guitar).

Learn how to play the guitars for me HAHAHA.

Sing w/ me in a karaoke without minding what other people are saying.

Massage my head when I’m having a migraine.

Buy me medicine when I’m sick.

Tell me in my face if I’m acting stupid without hesitation.

Give me surprises every now and then.

Wear the clothes that I think will suit him (we better have the same taste in fashion LOL).

Compliment me in little ways like “you’re a good cook”, “your hair smells good”, “you look nice in that dress” because every woman wants a man who complements their beau.

Caress my hair to calm me down when I’m panicking.

Lastly, never forget any important dates like anniversaries or birthdays.

Oh man, that’s almost near to perfection. My future man might not be able to do everything that I want and I might also fail to do the things that he wants. I just love listing things and who knows one day my knight in shining armor will come to my rescue and complete my list! Wishful thinking!

Now don’t blame me if you’re experiencing goose bumps all over your body, remember that I’ve started this post with warnings. Now whack your heads!

**Credits to the owner of the photo.

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