Friday, March 26, 2010

All Rice UP! Let em Die-et!

October was the last time I ate a full set meal. I’ve been in a death diet since then, no rice; yes that’s my new diet scheme.

Since my good old loving metabolism is working lazy and in procrastination mode I have to aid it by not taking too much carbohydrates, my diet now consist of Banana and whatever viand or main dish available at our table. I’m a very fussy eater, so I don’t just eat whatever is serve, I pick from smell, color and texture but since I’m not a rice eater anymore I have to fill myself with those weird looking veggies, otherwise I’ll die of starvation.

I tried running but it just won’t work (at least for me), my schedule is ever changing and most of the time I lack sleep, so running won’t just be healthy for me, I’ll die of exhaustion and collapse before I finish. So I quit the marathon.

I’m pressured on how I can lose those unwanted fats (exaggerating a little bit here), I’ve always been skinny but I guess when you reach certain age, losing those weight is not easy. My mother who is ever supportive of my diet, thus giving me remarks like “your face is bloated” (apparently that’s my check bone mother) or “if you wont stop eating your body will be like that girl on TV” or “your hips are getting big” and other remarks that scares the hell out of me and makes me feel that I should join anorexia nervosa anonymous (Joking). I’m on the verge of killing myself from not eating (Super Joking Here).Girls, please don’t do that.

My advice for those who are in a diet, try to look for the best diet scheme that will suit your life style. Plus:

Never Skip Meals ~ I never skip meals but I refuse to eat rice. I fill my tummy with banana, boiled potato, sweet potatoes or bread to keep me balance. minimal amount intake, everything out of moderation is bad.

Exercise~ Tone your body. Burn, Baby Burn! I still run every once in a while (when out of zombie land).

Cut down on sugar~ Before I went on a diet I was happily indulging myself with cakes, chocolates, ice cream, soda and pastries. Dude, that will all go down to your hips and tummy, so quit eating too much sugar.

Stop binge eating~ Rest your effin’ mouth. Drop all that junkies from your drawer and stop stashing junk foods. No ninja eating o_0!

Drink lots of water~ It cleanses your system. I’ve cut down my alcohol intake (me alcohol= water HAHAHA!)

FOCUS and Discipline~ you will need tons and tons of that…I’m still tempted to eat rice from time to time, so I have to remind myself of those unwanted fats in my tummy.

Note: Rice is not fattening, actually it has no fats at all, as in zero fats. But it is a good source of Carbohydrates plus it also has starch on it, so it’s not good for people who are in a diet. If you can’t totally get rid of those grains my suggestion is to measure the amount that you eat, 1 small cup will do.

Now if your aim is to be a sumo wrestler then eat one bucket per meal. (^^,)v peace!

So Good Luck Everyone! Let’s All Rice DOWN!

2nd NOTE: Kindly excuse the photo above. That's just a little flare of vanity HAHAHA!

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