Monday, December 20, 2010

Kaye’s Bridal Shower!

This is soooo overdue but I promise myself that I will blog about the things that took place this month according to the succession of events. So I’m not in a hurry to write about the most recent happenings but I will go through it one by one till I reach the most current and that is Kaye’s wedding, the last wedding that I’ll be serving as a maid of honor ---at least for this year. ^^
Let me recall…ummm, this was last December 5, held at Holiday Inn and our theme was Gossip Girl. That event was one of the hardest for me due to some unforeseen event. Enzo was born during that day and I was hopping from one place to another--- hospital-office-hospital-mall-hotel-mall-hospital-HOME teehee!. If someone offered me a Teleport potion or duplicity ability during that time I would have traded my virginity just to be in those places at onces hahaha joke!
The party started around 8pm but before that we were so exhausted rearranging the room moving furniture around the place to make it more party like. I must admit, I've been bragging about my sleep deprive life and it’s so overrated but as usual I don’t have enough sleep so I was kinda floating that whole episode. In between, I was contemplating whether to help them rearrange the room or to sleep…in the end my oc-ness won the battle! Tsk!
We had food and drinks, Kaye’s sister-in-laws brought us some food and the drinks are over flowing red wine and vodka (we over estimated the number of people who will drink). Kaye’s friends are present but the crowd was a little small for a party of less than 15, but none the less it was fun and wild hehehe! When our special guest came in and danced his magical 5 (giling) songs and we were all in the floor dying hahahaha! T'was hardcore----awesomeness---mind blowing performance.
After the party there were only 3 of us left. I was kidnap by Kaye to stay with her till morning that's why I snatched Christian to do the clicking of cam, so we had a grand photo shoot hahaha! Creative shots spree till we drop dead snoozing! I enjoyed the party. The morning after kaye and I had our buffet and more more photos after!

The Gossipers!

The Hilong Talilong Gang!

The bride and the Maid of Honor!

The Adults who were deprived from MSG! what's there to be happy about having a bunch of junk!? hahahaha! talk about happty childhood--- joke!
Vanity Set! This is what I call camwhoring!

I do mine with style! how about you? bwaaaahahaha!

I always thought that room service or cleaning lady was a neat job...However I have chosen the wrong room to clean. Apparently they don't allow smoking inside the hospital.... So I quit that room service job after learning that!----Things that I don't take seriously! Seriously believe me!
Life is wonderful if we just all learn to appreciate those little things around us!

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