Monday, April 6, 2009

Pink Horse

I saw this beau in Baguio last December... I was just wondering why the owner would paint it Pink? I don't think it's safe for the animal...there might be some chemicals that may harm the health of this beautiful horse...I totally disagree in painting it pink. Tourist specially the kids rush to ride the horse and take pictures and pay the owner 100 pesos or more, this is very disappointing...

Good Riddance to the Horse owner...I don't think the horse needs to be colored just to earn money...The natural color of the horse is cotton white, why color it PINK!?
Mr. Pink horse Owner, how would you like it if i paint your hair Violet????


  1. I'm sure he used everything natural so he/she doesn't hurt the horse, after all it is a source of income. But I agree, why do this at all.

  2. yup...i hope he use all natural dye...but then again...prolong use of dye or any color product is harmful...

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  5. Truely beautiful a masterstroke of genius a creative person at its best. the horse looks so beautiful and adorable.

  6. I am new to your blog, I like your title 'Good Riddance' ...

  7. I think it´s cruel to the animal. But thanks for following my blog.

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