Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The things that Wrinkles my Nose

  • People who rides in public transport without taking a bath first
  • People who doesn’t take a bath
  • Waking up and realizing that I just slept over a nice opportunity. NICE!
  • Missing the greatest opportunity because of my stupidity and idiotic remarks hehehe!
  • Waking up without coffee and smoke
  • Waking up late because I failed to hear the alarm clock
  • Waking up late because my freakazoid thumb just keeps on pressing snooze until I dozed off permanently
  • Poop in the street. I once throw a pair of shoes just because I landed on the jackpot.
  • People who let their dogs run around and treat the neighborhood as a dog pooped world.
  • Dogs who effinly chase people off the street (I Love DOGS I just hate some of their MASTERS)
  • People who brags (ok it’s different from people who humbly show their achievements).
  • People who criticize but hey look at them *sarcastic laugh*
  • People who talks nonsense
  • People who can’t see beyond, as in you have to literally explain everything to them.
  • People who can’t answer/explain why…WHY??? Hmmm?
  • People who overly react like “HUWAT????? OMG!!! YOU’RE Freaking/ F*cking/Kidding me!!!” (And we are inside the church/conference room/ movie house and other places where you can’t be like that).
  • No internet connection and we're paying in full. Same as with no cable, telephone lines, electricity and what not.
  • Parents who hits or humiliates their kids in public *SIGH*
  • Hot Hot Weather!
  • Spending money
  • Over Eating!

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