Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How Bizarre~ September!

Things aren't sailing the way I wanted it to be, but this September I expect my winds to shift into a different direction. And just when I thought that everything is at mess--- tadah! A savior scooped me out of the puddle of mud! And I skip and hop and hum!

Technically I should not be greeting everyone a Merry Christmas, it’s too early for merry greetings but since I’m in the mood ~~~Merry Christmas ^^

August was a burden on the later part and I was annoyed by some people especially with the one who send me that nasty email…Hahaha! I had written my two cents about that issues but it’s something that I should not talk about when I’m feeling a little gorgeous. But I still wanna put some excerpts of what I have written. Here it goes:

Thing are really getting annoyingly out of hand and I’m on the verge of frying that man! Yeah, I’m pissed off the fact that those kids don’t know what the heck they are talking about made me cringe in anger. I would never and doesn’t have any intention of destroying their relationship, the fact that those tweets are under my accounts and no name was mentioned clearly states that I won’t meddle in their issues and those are mine if anyone would react then I shall say you are guilty as charge. Unfortunately, as he effin claim that he is not lurking in my life ~isn’t true, the fact that he send me those nasty email in conjunction to what I have tweet and accused me of prowling in his life is an effin lie because he wouldn’t react if he was not silently reading my tweets and this blog at the comfort of his own friggin time! Aha! You are reading my blog! Hohoho! Caught you! Sneaky sneaky!

You! on the other hand, would understand when you grow up that these things are too complicated to handle and would hope it won’t happen to you! I’m sure when the right time comes you would thank me for being this straight. Are you ready to handle the consequences of your action? Are you ready to get involve in a difficult situation that would require emotional and legalities not to mention facing the truth that we are in? Are you ready to let everyone including your Fam (if you are that bad serious abt it) know the truth about your relationship without losing their trust, humiliating or hurting them? Those are the questions that you should be asking yourself because no matter how you deny the fact we cannot run away! Yes WE! Hehehe I’m part of it so lets partey like it’s hot!

I for a fact don’t want to get involve with that person in any form of relationship. He put me in a great deal of humiliation and destroyed what I have worked hard to achieve and I would never forgive him on that matter. The fact that he is so selfish, stubborn and inconsiderate of mine and the little boy’s situation is unacceptable and I would never pay the respect that he is claiming to earn. You mister doesn’t deserve any reverence in any form. And I have never loathed anyone in my years of existence and you will always remind me of that feeling, no matter how I resist anger. And I (in God’s time) will commit myself again, but until that right time comes I won’t involve anyone at my mess because I believe in K-A-R-M-A! *Chameleon, they come and go wooh-ooh!*

The end.

**I might scrub this out after 3 days or so, I don’t want to taint my space. I know--- I said it’s just an excerpt but 'twas long believe me when I say that I have cut it to make it short. I think I have written like 2000 words for that issue alone! Hahahaha!

September is giving me a good vibes. IDK, but I smell scents of lilies and pine trees it gives me a good feeling. My mood is perfect and before I knew it I’ll be hearing Christmas carols plus the weather is getting breezy. I’m getting the Christmas jitters. So welcome Ber-months!

Oh and for my playlist, I’ve been listening to Bice *pronounce as bee-che* she’s a Japanese singer/songwriter, she composed several anime soundtrack like Mahoraba~ Heartful days, Kirarin Revolution and Kimi wa petto (Japanese Manga Adaptation). Unfortunately she died of heart attack last July 26, 2010, she’s just 38 years of age. She’s a genius songwriter and according to her last blog she was supposed to release a song or collaborate for an upcoming anime. I specially love her songs Cloudy Sky, Like Someone in love, Akubi, Tsusunde Ageru, and An apple a day. Her song Like Someone in Love and Cloudy Sky is constantly playing on my list. I’m thinking of cutting my bangs in full to show my heartfelt tribute to her ^^ Rest in Peace Bice. Kanpai anata no jinsei ni!

Anyways, here’s a preview of what I did on the first day of September, I’ll be writing about the place and the food on a different account. This was at Chungkiwa my favorite Korean Restaurant in Makati, I’ve been there a couple of times so I think they deserve some commendation ^^jalmugutseumnida! Kamsahamnida!^^

Welcome September! Give me some good clouds ^^v

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