Friday, September 24, 2010

Interview 101~ The Reincarnated Levz

This is me undergoing reincarnation! Bwahahahaha!

I've been doing interviews for the past 3 days. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. It’s funny how some of them answer my questions and how the conversation went. I ask myself what is wrong with these people or is it just me!?

Interview I: The woman of 40’s.

Me: you have supervisory experience, why are you applying for an agent post?
Applicant: Because I don’t like responsibilities and I don’t wanna be responsible for anyone.
Then I ask: are you saying that you’re afraid and can’t handle responsibilities?
She said: YES *with so much confidence*

Interview II: The Rock and Roll applicant

Me: Do you have any special skills or talents?
Applicant: Well, I don’t see myself as a talented person but I’m very competitive. I’m someone who wants to be on top among my friends, if not, I would rather kill myself.
WOW! That is very suicidal!

Interview III The Guru : The book salesman.

Me: Please give me a sample of your sales presentation?
Applicant: Hi Ma’am you better buy this book because this book will teach you about Karma and Reincarnation.
Me: Ok, but I’m not that interested in those two topics.
Applicant: You better be because sooner or later we will all die.
Me: *Jaw dropping on the floor* Have you read that book?
Applicant: Yes.
Me: Ok, can you tell me your understanding about reincarnation?
Applicant: Reincarnation is a transformation from one physical being to another.
Me: Can you site an example. *LOLS, I was betting he'll be using the butterfly's life cycle*
Applicant: You have reincarnated yourself from who you are now.
Me: What do you mean?
Applicant: you see, you have experienced reincarnation when you have transformed yourself from when you are a baby to a full adult, that’s the reason why you can’t remember your childhood anymore.
I’m so effin thunderstruck. I wanna say: what the hell are you blabbering about? For pitts’ sake that’s physical transformation and selective memory recollection!

I'm tired! I don't know, but the last time I've check you're suppose to give your best and sell yourself during an interview and pretend to be as normal as you can be, neh?

Anyways, I'm looking forward for more interviews and hoping that I'll be able to find the one that I've been looking for.

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