Friday, May 1, 2009

The Kreativ Blogger Award

A couple of days ago I receive my very First award...
The "Kreativ Blogger Award"
This was given to me by AlpHa Buttonpusher...Thank you so much for thinking that I deserve such an award, it was wonderful and I hope to keep you as one of my friend!

The rule is to write my 7 Favorite Things and to Tag 7 Beautiful people!

My Seven Favorite things!
  1. The Ocean. Nothing is more serene in this world than the sound of the waves and the breeze touching my face! love it!
  2. My son Wacky. He is the most wonderful gift that God has given me
  3. My family, no one will love me more than they do.
  4. Long Drive and Road Trip with my friends. Seeing the scenery, exchanging good conversation and playing good music are the things that bring us together.
  5. Dancing with Wacky on the bed...FUN! makes me feel like a kid again.
  6. Sea food...just can't get enough!
  7. Photography. Capturing the life in still photos and keeping it for forever!
Now the Fun part!
Passing the award to 7 beautiful people!

I'm Happy to Tag this 7 beau!
  1. PinkLotus
  2. The Dark Bohemiian abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
  3. MINI : Mind Mixxes
  4. Chynna Dantes
  5. Jumping For Joy
  6. Ellie Great
  7. A bit of Happy
Again I'm Not Bidding any Riddance on this post...Instead Let's Cheers to a Happy life!


  1. hey goodriddance, thanks a lot for tagging me, I am totally honored that you've tagged me, especially in 7!! Thanks once again I really appreciate your support and encouragement, this really makes me tick and write more and more... BTW I love this blog and will keep coming back for more, nice writing style, please keep writing more. You absolutely deserve the kreative blogger award. :D

  2. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful award.It feel great! This is the first award for Jumping For Joy.
    I am honoured and friend like you are really precious. It is your encouragement and love that keep me going.
    My love and good wishes will be always for you.
    Keep up the good job .
    God Bless.

  3. You all Deserve the Kreativ Blogger award...I learn things from you guys, no matter where you from and what you do, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with us!


  4. hi goodriddance.. I'm sorry i wasn't able to respond immediately. Just got back from 4-day confinement in the hospital due to some severe infection.

    Thank You so much for tagging me. This the first award for In Full Bloom... thank you again. you made me feel prestigious (naks!) hehe... Seriously, I'm still new to blogging. And I am so happy to receive my first blogging award!


    BTW, i so love your blog! I love coming back everyday and read your entries... You definitely deserve this award!

  5. Wow, thank you so much! This is the first award for A bit of Happy! It is really an honor! :)

    I also wanted to say your blog is wonderful! I love reading it!

    Thank you again!

  6. Wow! Thanks for tagging me. I am so happy! :D
    It is actually my very first award. hehehehe...

    Thanks, thanks, thanks :D

  7. Can I also get a award like this. My email



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