Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laiya, San Juan Batangas

May 3, Sunday 9am my team and I were off to Batangas …
Destination San Juan Laiya.

My contact there was Mang Puroy who had been the contact person of my Family whenever we like to have a quick vacation in Laiya, He got us a house worth 5,500 pesos for an over night stay (hmmm…not that bad for 16 pips). Hired kuya Dindo this time to drive for us, it was 3 hours drive from Makati to Laiya…no traffic! I guess, people are too busy to travel because of the People's Champ fight and so we took advantage (by the way, congrats Manny Pacquao! 2nd rounds huh!).

It was well organized, every one chip in 700 pesos for the trip that includes the transportation, accommodation overflowing food and drinks.

Irene my supervisor and I organized a small award for our agents, and I was tag as the Grand Master of the ceremony and all my agents received some hilarious award.We had some drinks that night and non-stop singing!

The next day we ate our breakfast early and rented a boat to take us snorkeling, some of my agents are afraid to jump in the water so I was the first one to jump off the boat, test the water and move around to survey if the water is safe, after they saw the I was still alive and so far no shark has attack me, they slowly went down the ladder to joined me. It was amazing the water was really clear! I get to feed a school of fish and got a star fish in return awww (by the way I returned the star fish in the water)!…damn I love the water so much…I love the smell of the ocean; the sun touching my skin and the feeling it gives me whenever I see the fishes swimming freely in the water.

It felt really good to be back in Laiya. However I also notice some changes in the place, there were some plastic bag in the water and during one of the conversation I had with the locals they told me that those plastic came from the river that's connected to the sea. They said that the flood gates had to be open that night otherwise the river will over flow. I remember Manong telling me that it will be gone in an hour, he said the waves will carry it at end of the sand stretch. Makes me long will Laiya last and what are they doing to protect it?

Oh well, Laiya is a great place if you want a quick deep in the ocean, not too expensive and not too isolated, just enough to satisfy your sea craving.

Here are some of the Pictures taken during the Trip:

My Good Riddance to those who dump their trash in the River are you not aware that it is connected to the ocean? Let me remind you that the Ocean is your bread and butter...If you guys don't act quickly in saving it, it will be gone soon.


  1. I'm also from Philippines but haven't been to San Juan Laiya Batangas, but would love to got there. Truly there are lots of beautiful places here in our country. BTW do you speak that language above looks more like a spam to me..=)

  2. Thanks for your information on the lovely place.

  3. Hi,
    Nice picture. So you have a great time!
    I am celebrating Kreative Blogger Award, inviting you to join my celebration.

  4. awesome post. love the pics. also, love your words of wisdom. there are some a-holes who could care less about the environment in which they live. it's a crying shame. maybe if people like you continue voicing how stupid it is to litter, some will start to pay attention and think before they litter.


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