Friday, March 19, 2010

Indonesia Indie Pop Scene Welcomes Me to Summer of 2010

One of the benefits of having a Tumblr blog is that you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of things. Tumblr is where I get all the new updates from Entertainment, Fashion, Politics, Technology, Music and Etc.

Recently one of the Tumblr peps posted an audio file entitle Definitely My Day by Lampukota. The melody invites the summer feeling and it’s very refreshing, feels like listening to the Beach Boys sprinkled with a handful of guitars and drumbeat, minus the vocal synchronization (no Bop~Bop singing). I’ve never listen to any Indonesian music and this is the first Indonesian band I’ve listen to. Now I'm all over Google trying to find more information about the band but unfortunately since I don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia I can’t get enough information except that their Bass Guitarist is a Girl (hahaha Bias Bassist Obsession).

The album is Entitled DAY TO EMBRACE | INDONESIA INDIEPOP SCENE, it was released last October 2009 and it’s a 21 track compilation of music from different indie band all across Indonesia. (via spidermash)

I still have to grab the album and listen to the other bands; DEFINITELY it’ll be my summer soundtrack.

Anyways, if you’re interested you can listen just click the link that will direct you to the audio post.

HERE Click Link HERE YO!

I’m having Mighty Sunshine all the day with a cup of coffee and the news in TV...

Lets all Welcome Summer 2010 with Good Vibration!

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