Saturday, March 20, 2010

A list of things that I can’t live without

In order:

  1. Comforter or blanket -I can't sleep w/out a comforter.I bring blankets when I have to travel especially if I won’t be staying in a hotel.
  2. Hot water for taking a bath – It’s a must even if it’s summer, I don’t care if I have to boil water using woods.
  3. Jackets – I’m obsess with jackets.
  4. My watch locket – It’s one of my best find. I don’t even worry if I fail to wear my watch.
  5. Cell phone – I use it as an alarm clock. I don’t like texting, I’m too lazy for that and I don’t even save some of the numbers of those who text me. So if you send me a msg. and I replied asking “who’s this?” please don’t be offended, that’s with full honesty.
  6. Camera – I love capturing moments and I’m a cam whore, no need to explain. I use a Canon Rebel SLR and a Limux Digicam.
  7. Coffee – I consume around 4-8 cups a day.
  8. Cigarette (For now, I’ll quit soon) - Stressed: smoke, Happy: smoke, Good conversation: Smoke, Drinking: Smoke, Depressed: Smoke, Coffee: Smoke…and you can fill in the list….
  9. Banana – Since I quit eating rice, banana has become a staple food for me. Can’t live w/out Beehnene!
  10. My Laptop – I would like to take this opportunity to thank my brother who love us so much. He who would not want me to lose my sanity because of not being in contact with the World Wide Web and for making me a mad netizen. He’s the one who gave me the Asus Laptop. kekeke =)
  11. Accessories – Yes! some of my friends call me borloloy queen. I use 4 chunky bracelets all at the same time and 2-3 chunky rings and what not. But it needs to be coordinated otherwise I might be categorized under Christmas decors.
  12. Concealer – Dark stubborn circles around my eyes. I’m a zombie. I live in zombieland where people don’t sleep. 60 hours of no sleep? Hell yeah! conceal it gurlz!
  13. Liquid eyeliner – my new obsession, put some drama in your eyes.
  14. My huge bags – I carry a lot of stuff so I need big bags as in the mailman/cargo bag type.
  15. Candies/Gums – me bored= me chew.
  16. Music – I have a very sundry taste when it comes to music, I listen to all types and it varies everyday depending on my mood…
  17. DVD player and my DVDs – let me tell you a little secret…I’m addicted to Korean and Japanese drama (not the tagalized version, I’m talking about the real deal)! HAHAHAHA! Now I’m starting to read manga.
  18. Slippers/flip flops – hate walking in bare foot.
  19. Shoes – those who are close to me will understand what I mean.
  20. Hotwheels, Bakugan and Ben 10 – For Wacky HAHAHA!

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