Monday, April 12, 2010

Today is my Birthday Yahooo! (Boooo YOU)!

Last night I get to celebrate my Bday with some of my closest friends. Made some California Maki to go with the red wine and vodka (which made me think now hmmm… what’s with me drinking Red wine and eating Maki? lol). We stayed up until 5am or until my head was spinning…hmmm Red wine and Vodka is a bad combo, I was advice never to mix or to take two different alcohols at the same time. How Stupid!

Before I went to bed I remember writing something for my blog, but just as I was about to post it I change my mind. That was really out of this world, I was writing something about what I wish to have and I’m drunk so my mouth or shall I say my mind was blabbering with stupidity. Anyways below are some parts of that deleted post:

“I only have one wish right now. I want 12 books that I can read for the next 12 months or until my next birthday! I’m totally drunk my head is spinning and I wish to watch the music video of “Pure Shore” (All Saints). I always make fun of myself while watching that video, when I’m all smashed up it helps my head to spin some more…Arrgh! This is annoying I can’t even think straight…anyways I want 12 books!!! And maybe I want you too!”

Ok I’m going to cut it right there, the content after that are totally BS and I congratulate myself for thinking twice before posting…can’t reveal any more of my intoxicated brain.

So I went to bed and I can see from my window that it’s already sunny outside hmmm…I held on to my eye mask (or eye cover or whatever you call that thingy that you use to cover your eyes with when sleeping) and turn on the AC so I can sleep in peace.

At 2 pm I woke up with Wacky jumping and showering me birthday kisses. I realized that I have to do something but my head is pounding so I decided to take a quick shower to refresh myself. After that quick bath I gather all the things that I need for that something and HELL YEAH! I was starting my 365 project and so my room is in total mess… I was desperately seeking for white walls where I can pose and get a good clean background, but unfortunately our walls are painted in mustard yellow (poop paint) and blue. I can’t afford to change the wall paint just because I’m starting with this project so I resigned myself to blue background. So, there goes my little dorky-camwhore-self posing and taking pictures.

Finally here are my wish lists for my BDAY:

  1. Camera Remote: I need that badly if I want to survive and succeed in this 365 project. It’s hard to take self photos using timer. I feel stupid smiling and projecting for like 10 seconds or until I hear the click sound.
  2. 12 new books: I’m still wishing for that!
  3. Head Phones: Skullcandy, Urban Ears, Mix-Style or Sennheiser or Monster beats (Monster Beat my face! in my dreams).
  4. Hongkong/Macau: I don’t wish to own Hongkong or Macau my wish is to travel back there this year.
  5. To Travel ALONE: I want to experience that big time! I wish I can do that!
  6. Lots of Money: who would not wish for that LOL!
  7. Quit Smoking: Yes I’m wishing to have that will power to stop this bad habit.
  8. Good Health: Not only for myself but for my Family and Friends as well.
  9. More Friends: I wish to gain more friends and reconcile with those I have issue with.
  10. More Skills: It’s never too late to learn more things I wish I can be good in guitars, photography and I wish to learn at least two new languages I’m planning Korean, Japanese or French.

Maybe I should also wish to have a fairy odd parent Haha! So I can rush those little fancy! And lastly I wish for World Peace! (My humor is getting repulsive everyday) LOL.

Anyways, that’s all that I have for today…I got a lot of greetings from friends and that made my day. I’m so happy and I feel so blessed for having a very supportive family and friends that keeps me sane. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. On second thought maybe I can trade them for a million dollar! HAHAHA!

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