Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well, Hello There April!

Hey there April! Welcome to my year 2010. How have you been? Well, I’m quite enjoying my time wandering and here you come! I miss you, although I know you’ll be adding another mark on my wall (Sigh) but I’ll be welcoming you with a bang!

Oh by the way, you’re making me think too much…I’m extremely worried and concerned if I’ll be able to catch up with your attainment. You see every year we meet up and it makes wonder if my manner and outlook towards things are at the same level as you…hope I can catch up and won’t be a disappointment.

So while you’re here, why don’t we have a goodtime and reminisce over the past years, maybe chat like what we use to. I know after 30 days I’ll be sending you off and I’ll get back to our cycle. Yup, that will be sitting and waiting for you next arrival.

I hate to admit it but meeting you again makes me anxious. You bring so much pressure in my system and I’m scared that I might not be able to greet you as gracefully as I used to. Oh and yes, I’m trying hard to live life to your expectation and honestly it’s not easy. But then again you have taught me how to shrug off the doubts and fears, so I’m betting another match with you. Let's take this year's challenge. Oh just to remind you I’m not a quitter, so I’m giving you a heads up, you can start a few feet before me and run as fast as you can, but I betcha, I can catch you and beat you with no sweat.

Till next year... Dude, when we see each other let’s have another one of this talk and check if things have improve with us! Kudos to another year!

Your April Child,

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