Monday, May 17, 2010

I’m not Human~ Humans don’t go to Space

Tick Tock I barely get enough sleep and here you go my darling Alarm clock ringing on my ear. Everyday I set two alarms just to make sure that I’ll be awake on time, sometimes I succeed but more than half of my life time I fail hahaha!

The down side of not getting enough sleep is now taking over me. Today I have to endure this excruciating report. Numbers are flashing all over my non comprehensive brain. I hate numbers I told myself but then again as I was analyzing this oh so beautiful report I realized that it’s not really difficult I was telling myself “how can you be so dumb when you are using excel to calculate and do all the math for your lame brain, all you gotta do is remember all those effin formula” but I can’t my brain just won’t process. I resort to searching and retrieving my old reports to help me remember those formula, function and what not. Haist I’m not really good at this.

I also gathered my people to give them my two cents on how they should handle their performance and to voice out some of the conditions I have set for them. BUT I was stuttering my tongue was arguing with my brain as to what words to use to properly express myself. But Ms. Luna brain was busy spacing out, hitch hiking somewhere between Mars and Venus and would not cooperate. Although I gave a very fine speech and was able to send my message across, I know that is not the best of me. What to do???

So I went to my friendly ministop to get myself a cup of coffee, my third coffee since I arrived in the office three hours passed. Nope coffee doesn’t work anymore. I’m not sleepy, not even sluggish, my eyes are not even heavy but I was spacing out real bad. I would stare into space for few second and flashes of thoughts would come to me, things that I have to do for the day and things that I have to remember but as soon as I’m back I can’t recall those things. This is frustrating. Am I getting nuts? Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

I need to get some sleep at least 6-8 hours everyday. I have to remind myself that I am human. And as a human I need to get some rest, I need to sleep and visit dream land…hmmm no wonder I can’t recall any of my dreams. Dumb I’m not having dreams because well, you know I’m not sleeping…so I’ll just see you in space LOL…

Anyways here are the things that should help you sleep:

  • Warm hot milk ~ I’m lactose intolerance so this won’t help LOL
  • Listen to soft music ~ I tend to analyze sounds when I hear one, I listen to every words and digest each meaning, I listen to every part of the instruments and hear each part as single melody. So again this wouldn’t help.
  • Read books~ once I open a page in a book I can help but continue reading even if my eyes are dropping…books are too interesting to be used as a tool to sleep.
  • Count sheep~ I’ve finish counting the sheep in this world and still won’t help. I even counted those who were to be born and I haven’t seen any improvements.
  • Drink sleeping pills~ I have a tendency for substance dependence so I stay away from pills.
  • Stop drinking coffee~ ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME!
  • Stop logging to internet FACEBBOK/BLOG/PROBOARDS/ FORUM/ MICRO BLOGGING ETC.~ will someone send me a time machine to travel back to 1852…I need help to go back to when technology means Transcontinental Railroad and enhancement of bicycles.

Here are the tips I found while lurking in the web:

  • FOCUS ON YOUR TOES! ~Ahhh! this has something to do with focus and relaxation lol I though you have to look at your toes while sleeping! Toink!
  • Imagine a pendulum in your mind. ~ Hehehe imagine a swinging pendulum in your mind…this is more than the spacing out that I can handle.
  • Imagine you are a computer. ~ Hahaha! Imagine yourself as shutting down! NOTE: FOR COMPUTER ADDICTS.
  • Use Caffeine to your advantage. ~ This just woo me…taking soda or tea at least 3 hours before sleeping…makes sense right! This contains energy builders that makes our body active for a certain period of time and after it wears off, your system will be tired and will be asking for rest. Hmmm…but you know that I’m a happy bubuli I have certain level of serotonin and dopamine in my body that doesn’t wear off. lolz
  • Think of your favorite people ~ oh no! This will make me obsesses to… *GRINS* nope, I won’t do this.

Well anyways I hope to use at least of those…one tip at a time…starting today…I’ll go with the pendulum since I’m already here spacing out! Peace out!


  1. Hahaha. I can TOTALLY relate! Tsk. I'm on summer vacay but I've been out and about almost everyday. I need to sleep! I can't recall my dreams, too! We really need to reach REM eh? Heeee. :D Cheers to the walking zombies! *and raises the coffee mug. Lol. Take care Levz!

  2. Cheers to us no sleeping pips! hahaha! Take care too Noelle... =)stay cool!


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