Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’m Swimming Moon: A losers' Journal for summer of 2010

First things First, Let me share this:

I love you Summer Sea, the scent of the morning ocean, the wind that blew in my face, the ebb and flow of the salty water in my shinny feet when I walk your sandy shore will always be in my heart (lol I’m trying to write a short story here JOKE). But I loath the idea of the sun kissing myskin (at least for this summer)…I refuse to be engulf with your torrid French kiss…it’s like kissing a teenage kiddo, first timer and salivating all over my face (LOL) I bet my mouth will swell…That’s how I will describe you summer of 2010 sweet and gross…sunscreen will lose its value and yes! no SPF is good enough for you.

So there, go swim lazy ass in thy inflatable giant pool with lots n’ lotsa balls…I has balls! Oh yes!

I am the perfect epitome of a Dead Kid if we talk about summer of 2010.

This is the most boring summer I ever had in my life. I didn’t prepare any summer activities unlike last year when I went around beach bumming in different places.

I’ve lost interest this summer simply because I can’t stand the heat. Manila can be mistaken as a brick oven waiting for Hansel and Gretel to be baked. And I refuse so I held the stick for the hungry witch.

Not only that I hate the heat, I’m also extremely lazy to think around planning and searching for a nice place to go. Last year I’ve planned to go to Anawagin for this year, but not anymore Although Anawagin is really a nice place to go (I know you don’t have to bash at how stupid I can be). I hate the fact that I have to ride a bus, then ride a trike, then ride a boat, then set up a tent, then cook my own meal, then get drunk at night with cheap vodka or rum, then pass out, then sleep with mosquitoes, then wake up with killer hangover and insect bites, then use the common bathroom, and then wash myself in the deep well pump, then panic because my time is almost up while folding the tent and I’m still hangover and the boat ride is waiting and those things that will make me more stress than relax.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a prima donna or no douchebag or something I just hate the idea of going to a vacay while stressing the whole time thinking what I should do next or have I done this and that or do we have supplies, food, drinks and other that will fancy me. Few years back I wouldn’t even think twice doing those things but I’m tired of my life in the metro so I would rather enjoy things that are less strenuous. Excuse me to those who enjoyed Anawagin this summer, maybe next year I will try and plan again.

Let’s me reminisce my last year’s beach get away at least that’s the best thing I can do for this loser’s summer:

Cagbalete Trip with my friends

Laiya Batangas with my Team:

Bintan Indonesia with my Family:

Sentosa Singapore

Amana Water Park

This years Activity:


Nothing Else.

I remember one thing that makes me say no to beach this year. A friend of mine just told me recently how dark my complexion was last year after returning from Singapore. He actually uses the word "DARKOIDS" and I was laughing outside and cursing him in my mind LOL. My complexion is still dark though I’m a natural Filipina.

Well summer of 2010 is almost over and I can’t wait for the rain to come and swim in the moon but please don’t give us another Ondoy Mr. Fickle Weather.

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