Saturday, June 5, 2010

Broadcast 2000 Awesomeness Music!

I’ve learned about Broadcast 2000 three years ago when I accidentally fall on their single “Get up and Go” while searching at for Broadcast “Tender Buttons” (a space pop indie-rock band in England). I was intrigued with Broadcast 2000's music mainly because it was catchy and the melody is soothing to the ears plus the fact that it sounded more than the regular guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Broadcast 2000 have incorporated instruments like cello, glockenspiel, banjo, ukulele, violin and percussion in their sound, plus the layering of vocals that added appeal to their music. Joe Steer (Vocalist/Songwriter) described their music as “folk-influenced indie Acoustic”.

Their music is very calming and may drive you frantic at the same time, not too noisy and not too pop, the unique mixture of instruments gives you something that you don’t get everyday. Steer offers promising lyrics that speaks to the soul with very likable melody that can stir your emotions. I like it because they don’t sound redundant you can expect different taste in every cut. Steer’s voice is also a big factor in bringing out the essence in their music.

Broadcast 2000 music was mostly used in various advertisements and commercials in UK I guess because they sound very appealing. While searching I stumbled upon some blog reviews and interviews I found out that Joe Steer has no permanent band members, he’s being joined by various musicians. He mentioned that sometimes he does gig with just 3 of his band members or sometimes all nine of them. He also mentioned that most of his songs are recorded and mixed in his bedroom in London. Nevertheless, I really like all of his song, his brilliant song writing talent and the ability to create an excellent melody is a lethal combination. As far as I’m aware of they just debuted live in US this year but their album Building block was released last 2008.

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