Thursday, September 9, 2010

Freaky Thursday: Stairs Combat Exhibition!^^

My daily routine when I wake up~ first is to check on whom texted me while I was sleeping. I won’t read the messages yet but fix my coffee and lit my cig then open the radio and then take a bath. The only time I’ll be reading and replying to those messages is after taking a bath.

This morning after getting out of the bathroom I grab my phone and started reading messages while walking up the stairs! BIG MISTAKE! Both of my hands are on my phone as I was reading and replying to text messages and I slip face first! Everything was fast; I can see that it’s either my nose or my lips that will be landing on the edge of the steps, so I have to think quickly! I tilt my head and I landed on my chin.

I was shock and shaking, everyone was still sleeping, thoughts are running through my head... what if I hit it bad and die in that instance no one would be there to help me. I scream and cry, teehee! I cried! Hahahaha! My mom heard my scream and panicked, running, shouting my name and asking what happened. When I stood up I grab my face, *BS* my chin was swelling and damn how it hurts!

Stupidity is inevitable, this can happen to anyone we just have to experience first to be careful next time! Lols!

Be safe everyone! ^^


  1. Ow. Awwwwww. :( Be safe today, Levz! Hugggs. <3

  2. Thanks Noelle! That's the beauty of being me...always clumsy! hihihi! Take Care ^^


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