Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Super Random Roadtrip to Tagaytay!

Long weekend, my cousins and I was feeling kinda bored so we planned a last minute trip. At 11pm, Sunday night we decided to head for a ride. The plan was to go somewhere *unsure* but we have to drop by at our cousin’s dorm in Carmona, Cavite. The reason (unbelievable): he forgot his cellphone charger and he wants us to bring it to him. Wow! For the time, gas and the toll fee just for a cellphone charger! But since we'll be going to Cavite we thought that we’ll just drop by at Tagaytay and eat somewhere.

The roadtrip is so freaking random. First, we tried looking for away going to Tagaytay thru Carmona and realized after few kilometers that’s its too far, end up going back. Exiting carmona and going to Sta. Rosa we only spend 4 pesos for the toll fee and finally found our way. When we arrived at Tagaytay we don’t have any exact place in mind so we went back and forth the highway looking for a place to eat. Maybe eat Bulalo or eat at one of the restos, then have coffee and laugh at Starbucks after. Unfortunately, since we left Manila at 11pm we arrived at Tagaytay at past 1am, all the restaurants were close. hahaha! but there's McDonald, the only place that is open 24hours. Arrgh!

After which, we thought that the trip was a waste but we still wanna drag ourselves and try our luck. So we started looking for a coffee shop since Starbucks is already close. Again we are wasting precious time and gas driving around Tagaytay. At 3am we quit looking for coffee and ended up taking pictures at Tagaytay Econo Hotel, hahaha! Just like your regular Duday and Dodong but since its 3am no one was there to notice our mischievous trip and we just don’t care, we’re just too happy to mind other people who are watching us!

We stop at a long line of flower vendors, my aim is to take my 365 on that area and I was welcomed by a vendor who thought I’ll be buying flowers, hehehe! So I have to think of a way to snatch pictures, I ended up inquiring for wedding flower arrangement and getting their contact infos and whatnot, *lols sorry ate!* We also stop by some fruit stands but there’s no one to assist us so we left. We had stopovers at some pitstop and gasoline stations just for the sake of stopping over. lols

We had so much fun that night and we promise to do it again. By the way, we didn't quit searching for coffee shop on our way down Tagaytay but luck is not on our side. I wonder if the coffee Gods are punishing us and we end up drinking coffee at home! hahaha! nothing beats 3-in-1 coffee! Darn!

And this is The Most Awesomeness (Random) Photo of the Day:

I took this inside the car on our way home while waiting for Nico who's buying cig at 7/11. I was amazed with the outcome, totally random nice selca. I really like this shot. I didn't even use my SLR just the regular digicam and edit the photo using Picasa, add shadow and manipulate the color and walla! A Perfect Artistic Profile Shot!

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