Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lessons of 2010

One thing that I’ve learn this year is that the only thing that is constant is change, we change a lot, people change may it be for better or for worst—they change. You can’t be too complacent, you can’t be too trusting, and you can’t be too assumptive. You should put value in yourself and believe in your heart. And amidst all those changes I have learned to look at those who are still standing still, those who showed loyalty. All in all this year was not bad.

Money was a little hard to earn this year, although I have a stable job but I also have some needs and essential things that I have to take care of. I learned that money is easy to earn and burn I have to value my earning and save some for the rainy days.
Health was tested a few times this 2010; I was having a hard time coping up with my eating and sleeping habit. I was on a diet since 2009 (no rice) and it was a little hard, I was losing weight but also struggling with my physical state, lack of energy and strength so in the middle of the year I started eating rice once again (that’s after a year of no rice). I was always complaining about my lack of sleep, work was a little demanding and if I won’t be able to manage my time and scarifies a few hours of sleep, I won’t be able to divide my time between my work, family and social activities. I learned that more than physical appearance and work health is important; I will eat properly and sleep well.
Some people has managed to snatch some scratch on me this year, deliberately or unconsciously hurting me on the process, but that’s fine, I needed that to know their hearts anyway. Aside from what I have stated above I’ve also learned about loyalty, I have to practice that myself to see its meaning and value, at the later part of this year I have reiterated the word "Loyalty" a lot of times specially on the weddings I have attended. I have to say that is the most difficult value to practice because you have to stick to who you promised those words or at least stick to those you believe in and give your authenticity. Among everything that we can give why do I think loyalty is important? Let me ask you this, why do you think family stick together despite all of their indifference and misunderstanding? It’s because they have loyalty. They know that no matter what happened they have to protect each other and the reason behind that is loyalty not love, not trust, not understanding and not even the number of years they have shared.
People may rub salt in your heart but that doesn’t matter, what important is you know the shallowness of their faith in you. I promised myself never to argue this 2011. I won’t argue with anyone, there’s no need to argue and I would rather listen to reasons not excuses, and that I have to identify.
And for this wonderful year, I would like to thank My family who never fails to show the highest level of faith, Wacky for teaching me a thing or two about how a 5 year old kid view life in a most pure and innocent way at his age he knows what he can have and what he cannot, he knows his limitation. My team who all worked hard to keep our numbers up despite all the ups and down in our industries and of course for understanding my temper and the worst of my times, my boss who believed in my craft. And to all my friends who played with me this year may it be online or in real life, the number of road trips we had shared, the laughter, the songs we have sang together, the picture we have stored and the arguments were all worth it. And to those who displayed their exemplary level of Loyalty on me, my gift to you guys is to imitate or exceed that faith and loyalty you have given me. And to those who I have hurt this year my sincerest apologies to you, I’m not going to create any excuses, but for whatever reasons I have I would like to give my regrets if I wasn’t able to meet your expectations.
Cheers to year 2010! In a few days you will just be a part of my past and I might revisit your pictures from time to time and laugh at our silliness, but I will never forget your teachings I’ll make sure to use it on the years to come! Let’s all have a Happy New Year! Have a happy heart!
Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Breathe the air out there
We are free, we can be wide open
For you open my eyes
To the beauty I see
We will pray, we will stay
Wide open
Don't analyse
Don't analyse
Don't go that way
Don't lead that way
That would paralyze your evolution
La la la This greatest moment
La la la The strangest day
La la la The greatest love of them all
-Analyse *Cranberries*

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