Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Vacation el Grande!

Holiday! Celebrate! Yessss! I’m doing Madonna’s tiptoe while singing Holiday because after all these years… this will be my first time taking a full Christmas vacation, four days!!! Take note that’s without filing a leave, plus I’ll be enjoying the same this New Year. Four days that is sooooo sweeeet!
The downside of working in a call center is the inability to feel the long weekend, in fact Philippine Holiday doesn’t exist unless you are counting double pay, and in my vocabulary there is no such thing as double pay, but I use the word “in lieu” a lot! Yep, the call center industries.
If my boss will be reading this he’ll be correcting me again---hep hep hep, we are not a call center; we are a Telecommunications Company, that’s right! However since our market is in US and Canada we follow their time. Waaaaaaaaaah!!! actually it annoys me whenever someone asks "Where do you work?" It’s really hard to explain, should I say Telco? Call Center? Or should I say it’s a crossbreed or union of call center and telco? The nature of our company is Telecommunications and I work in house but the nature of my job is somewhat similar to outbound call center…whatevah! That’s not the point of this post… Anyhow, I’m contemplating on the things that I should be doing this Holiday season, here are the things that I have in mind:
  • Surf, surf, surf and turn myself into an internet zombie for the next 4 days.
  • Watch DVDs all night long= all day, all night.
  • Go to the grocery
  • Cook our Christmas Noche Buena.
  • Play with Wacky and Yuki.
  • Go out with friends.
  • Drink with friends! This is inevitable, it’s a tradition for us to gather after Noche Buena and drink till we drop, till morning! But to DRINK all night, that I like!
  • Watch Manila Film Fest----hmmmm….hmmmm…. No comment!
  • Shopping, malling with Wakito!
  • Read Books---those that are yet to be read and are filed up in my room.
  • Camping inside my bedroom for 4 days and turn myself into a wacko!
Que sera sera! Whatever will be, will be! Right now I’m so excited just to go home and roll myself to my comforter, turn the AC in full blast, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in my lovely bed and play lazy on the first day! One thing’s for sure I will not be productive in those four days but stress free! I'm OUT of SERVICE for the next 4 days!
Enjoy Your Holiday Vacation ^^

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  1. Maligayang pasko sayo! Hugs from your friendly neighborhood blogger. Sana masaya ka ngayon. :D


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