Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Heart is Singing

Merry Christmas everyone--- Of course, I’m singing my heart out at this blog…I don’t know but something's making me smile today. Not too happy but the fact that I know that someone out there is spreading some magic it’s never too late to have a merry day.
One thing I’ve learn from all the weddings that I have attended this year, not only those I have partake in, but each and every girl I know who had their wedding this year taught me that patience is important.
They taught me the value of waiting for the right person, they showed me that despite all those hardships that they’ve endure during their past relationship it has brought them the only best of the present and future. I have learned that their past is now just a part of their history and without it they will never reach their destination which they are now enjoying. The pain and the suffering that they have to overcome has now turned to be a gift of knowledge that molded them to be more strong and matured woman, whole and well rounded with great sense of respect for themselves thus inviting only positivity on their new relatioship.
We often feel sour or bitter after the break up and for some it’s their dead end. It’s ok to feel that way after a long relationship, it natural to think like that, but after sometime you will realize that God has another plan for you. I’m not saying that those relationships are pointless but it’s nice to appreciate those little things that you and you ex partner had shared, after all it’s not all bad and negative. I bet you wouldn’t stay in that relationship if it’s all rainy, mostly on the first-third quarter of that bond before it became dark, love was there and it was beautiful. Things happen for a reason, if the relationship did not last and you’re on the losing end I suggest that after grieving try to start living again. Live out of bitterness and hatred find yourself and enjoy the moment, you’ll be surprise because as you move along the right one will come and they come unplanned…you will hear music and see beautiful things once again. Just consider those end relationships as your bus stop before reaching your final destination. I’ve always been a fan of those bus stop or pits stop when travelling, it’s nice to chill after the long ride and I like looking at those travelers it makes me wonder where they’re heading or where they’ve been. Consider those past partners as someone you have to leave on each stop and those bus stops are there to give you a chance to look for your perfect travel partner in life.
Going back, my heart is singing because I know somewhere there, I can feel that it will come soon…but I’m not in a hurry… “Can’t hurry LOVE” Mr. Lennon is telling me…So right now while anticipating for the merriment of my years to come hehehe I’ll be singing “beeh buti nga” hahaha joke! I’ll be singing whatever my heart dictates me ^^ Have a wonderful day guys! Enjoy the Holiday season ^^

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